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VxLib : Some utility functions packed in a library

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created by
Marko Mahnič
script type
Script: vxlib

Initially developed for vimuiex (vimscript#2606)
Used by manuals (vimscript#3060)

Contains a Vim Plugin Generator that parses files in autoload directories and creates
plugin initialization code for the plugin directory - a single file for all plugins.
It searches for specially marked sections in vim files (see vimuiex, manuals).

See http://vimuiex.sourceforge.net/vimdoc/vxlib_plugin.html for details.

The command :VxRegen will start the plugin generator, create the plugin
initialization code and update the plugin configuration file (plugins/vxplugin.conf).  
:VxRegen will execute a Python script using an existing Python installation, so
Python must be in your system PATH.

The configuration file can be edited with :VxConfig. It is a simple win-ini-type
file. Currently it is only possible to include/exclude the plugins from the
initialization code. To exclude a plugin, put 'generate=0' in the appropriate
sections. By default initialization code for all found plugins is generated.

Generated plugins can also be disabled from .vimrc. Each plugin processed by the
plugin generator has a unique ID. When the plugins are loaded, this ID is used to
check if the plugin should be loaded or not. To disable a plugin with
id='vimuiex#textmenu', add 'let g:vxenabled_vimuiex_textmenu=0' to .vimrc.

Included in the library is the QuickFixPreview plugin that adds mappings
to preview the line that is selected in the QuickFix window.

Related scripts: genutils(vimscript#197), lh-vim-lib(vimscript#214),
tlib(vimscript#1863), vim-addon-manager(vimscript#2905),
install details
Unpack into vim runtime directory (eg. ~/.vim/).

If you want to manage the plugins generated by VxLib, add
   let g:vxlib_user_generated_plugins=1
to your .vimrc and use the following commands:
   :VxRegen to generate plugin initialization code for plugins that support VxLib.
   :VxConfig to configure such plugins.

If g:vxlib_user_generated_plugins is not set or is equal to 0, the above commands are
not available and all the plugins from ~/.vim/vxlibautogen/plugin are loaded instead.

If the generator doesn't work for some reason, there is a script in ~/modpython/vxlib
- mkplugins.sh - that does a similar thing as VxRegen. If the script complains that
it doesn't find vim, remove the parameter '--indent 1'.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vxlib.zip 0.7 2010-08-31 7.0 Marko Mahnič Minor changes
* menu.vim added
* vxlib/cmd: #Edit sets buflisted for loaded buffers
* fixed vxlib#python#prepare
vxlib.zip 0.6.7a 2010-04-18 6.0 Marko Mahnič Support for developer-generated plugin initialization
vxlib.zip 0.6.7 2010-04-16 7.0 Marko Mahnič Initial upload
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