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mayansmoke : Ergonomic light-background color scheme.

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created by
Jeet Sukumaran
script type
color scheme
This is a pleasant and ergonomic light-background color scheme, designed for long hours of coding and working. The UI elements are muted without being drab, the syntax elements are colorful without being garish, and the background is relaxing without being soporific. It is of a low-enough contrast so as not to cause eye-burn, but high-enough contrast so as not to cause eye-strain. The syntax coloration offers just a little higher resolution than most, distinguishing between class names vs. functions, strings and numbers vs. other constants, etc. Many of the colors in this color scheme are drawn from Mayan murals, paintings and codices, and thus the name.




If any of the following highlights are defined (e.g., in your "~/.vimrc"), these will override the default highlight definitions:

    MayanSmokeCursorLine    (will be applied to: CursorColumn and CursorLine)
    MayanSmokeSearch        (will be applied to: Search and IncSearch)
    MayanSmokeSpecialKey    (will be applied to: SpecialKey)

For example, you can set the following in your "~/.vimrc" to select your own colors for these items:

    hi MayanSmokeCursorLine     guifg=NONE   guibg=yellow  gui=NONE
    hi MayanSmokeSearch         guifg=white  guibg=blue    gui=NONE
    hi MayanSmokeSpecialKey     guifg=NONE   guibg=green   gui=NONE

Alternatively, you can define one or more of the following values in your "~/.vimrc" to select different pre-defined levels of visibility for the above highlights:

    let g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility = 0  " lower visibility
    let g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility = 1  " medium visibility
    let g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility = 2  " higher visibility

   let g:mayansmoke_search_visibility = 0 " low visibility
   let g:mayansmoke_search_visibility = 1 " medium visibility (default)
   let g:mayansmoke_search_visibility = 2 " high visibility
   let g:mayansmoke_search_visibility = 3 " very high visibility
   let g:mayansmoke_search_visibility = 4 " highest visibility

    let g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility = 0  " lower visibility
    let g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility = 1  " medium visibility
    let g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility = 2  " higher visibility

install details
Download/save/copy/move the file "mayansmoke.vim" to your "$VIMRUNTIME/colors" directory (e.g., "~/.vim/colors"). Activate the color scheme by entering the command, ":colors mayansmoke".

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
mayansmoke.vim 2.0 2010-10-13 7.0 Jeet Sukumaran Rework of some "trimming" elements (line number column, status line etc.). I think it looks a lot nicer than 1.x!
mayansmoke.vim 1.8 2010-09-27 7.0 Jeet Sukumaran * Added CursorColumn highlight definition.
* Reworked popup menu highlights: much more harmonious with the rest of the scheme.
* Match-parens color to white-on-blue.
* Special key and non-text colors toned down.
* Fold column color lightened up.
mayansmoke.vim 1.7 2010-09-10 7.0 Jeet Sukumaran Added more flexibility in customizing colors. Reduced garishness of search highlight color.
mayansmoke.vim 1.6 2010-09-03 7.0 Jeet Sukumaran Improved Search, QuickFix and changed DiffText colors (GUI mode).
mayansmoke.vim 1.5 2010-07-10 6.0 Jeet Sukumaran Added PHP syntax colors, contributed by Ryan Kulla.
mayansmoke.vim 1.4 2010-05-20 6.0 Jeet Sukumaran * 256-color terminal mode colors, added by Clayton Parker.
* Cursor line (and column) visibility can be customized by the g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility variable.
* Slight hue-shift in background.
mayansmoke.vim 1.3 2010-05-03 6.0 Jeet Sukumaran * Added custom diff syntax colors.
* Cursor line/column color tweak (beige instead of white).
mayansmoke.vim 1.2 2010-04-23 6.0 Jeet Sukumaran Now allows for customization of "Special Key" highlighting visibility (used for whitespace/listchar etc.) by setting of "g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility" value. 0 = lower visibility, 1 = medium visibility, 2 = higher visibility.
mayansmoke.vim 1.0.1 2010-04-19 6.0 Jeet Sukumaran * Tweaked ignore colors to actually ignore.
* Added special syntax highlighting for Python decorators.
mayansmoke.vim 1.0 2010-04-17 7.2 Jeet Sukumaran Initial upload
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