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user name jeetsukumaran
first name Jeet
last name Sukumaran
email jeetsukumarangmailcom
homepage http://jeetworks.org
registered Vim
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Script Contributions

mayansmoke Ergonomic light-background color scheme.
TeX-PDF Lightweight
VimgrepBuffer Run vimgrep on buffers
Liquid Carbon Dark-background GUI color scheme.
Python 2.x Standard Library Reference The Python 2.x standard library documentation as a Vim help file
Python 3.x Standard Library Reference The Python 3.x standard library documentation as a Vim help file
Sorcerer Dark-background color scheme (GUI/256-color terminal).
Buffergator Buffer listing, selection, and switching/navigation utility
Buffersaurus A Vim Plugin for Searching and Indexing Across Buffers (with Context!)
Filesearch Filesystem searching using glob or regular expression patterns
Markology Mark Visualization, Navigation and Management
FileBeagle A VINE-spired (Vim Is Not Emacs) file system explorer
Nefertiti Dark-background Vim Color Scheme with Dynamic Brightness Control (GUI-only)
Indentwise Indent-level based motion
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