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reload.vim : Automatic reloading of Vim scripts ((file-type) plug-ins, auto-load/syntax/inden

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created by
Peter Odding
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The reload.vim plug-in automatically reloads various types of Vim scripts as they're being edited in Vim to give you instant feedback on the changes you make. For example while writing a Vim syntax script you can open a split window of the relevant file type and every time you :update your syntax script, reload.vim will refresh the syntax highlighting in the split window. For more information about the plug-in please refer to its homepage or the project page on GitHub:


If you have questions, bug reports, suggestions, etc. the author can be contacted at peter@peterodding.com. If you like this plug-in please vote for it below!
install details
Please note that the vim-reload plug-in requires my vim-misc plug-in which is separately distributed (see vimscript #4597).

Unzip the most recent ZIP archives of the vim-reload and vim-misc plug-ins inside your Vim profile directory (usually this is ~/.vim on UNIX and %USERPROFILE%\vimfiles on Windows), restart Vim and execute the command :helptags ~/.vim/doc (use :helptags ~\vimfiles\doc instead on Windows).

Now try it out: Edit any Vim script that's already loaded and check that the script is reloaded when you save it (the reload.vim plug-in will print a message to confirm when a script is reloaded).

If you prefer you can also use Pathogen, Vundle or a similar tool to install & update the vim-reload and vim-misc plug-ins using a local clone of the git repository.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
reload.zip 0.6.16 2013-05-25 7.0 Peter Odding Document vim-misc as external dependency (needs to be installed separately from now on):

Bug fix: Reload messages on Windows showed corrupted filenames:
reload.zip 0.6.14 2013-05-20 7.0 Peter Odding Updated miscellaneous scripts:
reload.zip 0.6.13 2013-05-19 7.0 Peter Odding Updated miscellaneous scripts:
reload.zip 0.6.12 2013-05-13 7.0 Peter Odding Updated miscellaneous scripts:
reload.zip 0.6.11 2013-05-02 7.0 Peter Odding Updated miscellaneous scripts:
reload.zip 0.6.10 2013-04-28 7.0 Peter Odding Updated miscellaneous scripts:
reload.zip 0.6.9 2013-04-21 7.0 Peter Odding Make compatibility with miscellaneous scripts explicit:
reload.zip 0.6.8 2011-12-01 7.0 Peter Odding Bug fix for file type plug-in reloading (also hide last buffer):
reload.zip 0.6.7 2011-11-26 7.0 Peter Odding Updated miscellaneous scripts:
reload.zip 0.6.6 2011-11-21 7.0 Peter Odding Updated miscellaneous scripts:
reload.zip 0.6.5 2011-09-25 7.0 Peter Odding Updated miscellaneous scripts:
reload.zip 0.6.4 2011-09-04 7.0 Peter Odding Move version variable to autoload script:

Updated miscellaneous scripts
reload.zip 0.6.2 2011-06-18 7.0 Peter Odding Define version as variable, include version in messages:
reload.zip 0.6 2011-02-04 7.0 Peter Odding Support for generic file type plug-ins (thanks to Britton Kerin for the suggestion):
reload.zip 0.5.2 2010-10-18 7.0 Peter Odding Bug fix for case insensitive filenames (reported by Jeff Bevis):
reload.zip 0.5.1 2010-07-23 7.0 Peter Odding Bug fix: Forgot that color scheme reloading can fail:
reload.zip 0.5 2010-07-23 7.0 Peter Odding Simplified ftplugin/syntax/indent reloading, fixed E325 workaround:

Shortened code by moving xolox#timer#stop() calls:
reload.zip 0.4 2010-07-15 7.0 Peter Odding The plug-in now clears inclusion guards before reloading plug-in scripts: http://github.com/xolox/vim-reload/commit/8fb0c8585c95056873bc2f4b4178cf874d97da20
reload.zip 0.3.1 2010-07-13 7.0 Peter Odding Automatic update support using GLVS and README updates:
reload.zip 0.3 2010-07-13 7.0 Peter Odding Initial upload
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