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user name xolox
first name Peter
last name Odding
email peterpeteroddingcom
homepage http://peterodding.com/
registered Vim
user or sponsor
yes, total donation 50 euro

Script Contributions

publish.vim Publish hyperlinked, highlighted source code using Vim, 2html.vim and rsync
pyref.vim Context-sensitive documentation for Python source code
session.vim Extended session management for Vim
easytags.vim Automated tag file generation and syntax highlighting of tags in Vim
shell.vim Improved integration between Vim and its environment (fullscreen, open URL, etc)
reload.vim Automatic reloading of Vim scripts ((file-type) plug-ins, auto-load/syntax/inden
luainspect.vim Semantic highlighting for Lua in Vim
Open associated programs Open files and web pages in associated programs from Vim
notes.vim Easy note taking in Vim
lua.vim Lua file type plug-in for the Vim text editor
vim-colorscheme-switcher Easily & quickly switch between color schemes
vim-misc Miscellaneous auto-load Vim scripts
vim-tlv-mode Transaction-Level Verilog support for Vim
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