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qnamebuf : QuickNameBuf: A quick general manager

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Matt Spear
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I really like qname (vimscript #2317) and qbuf (vimscript #1910) and decided that it would be nice to combine them.  The author recommended I upload under my name.

Version 0.07 introduced a redesign, there are three files:
1) qnamepicker: A core that provides a generic function other scripts can call to allow the user to select an item from a list in the command prompt (in a lusty fashion).
2) qnamefile: Like command-t but in mostly pure vim (there is a requirement on the find utility).
3) qnamebuf: The classic buffer selector as before.
and there was a significant speedup by replacing a custom matcher function with a regular expression.

Also in the documentation for qnamepicker I show how one can utilize the script for the project (vimscript #69) to provide a lusty selector for the files in the project (complete with the shortcuts below!).  I have found this to be a life-changing combination ;-).

qnamebuf Usage:
<F4> opens a list of the current buffers, and typing a string filters the list (by default ala lustyexplorer vimscript #1890).  All filtering is case insensitive (even if using Regular Expressions).  If there are many files open goes to a simplified view (just relative buffer number, and the filename with path), when filtered enough shows more information:
    1) Relative Buffer Number
    2) Current Buffer (%), Alternative Buffer (#), or if it is open in a visible split (=)
    3) File name
    4) Buffer number
    5) Relative file path

In addition to the common commands below, qnamebuf accepts:
    <M-L> Toggle between listed and unlisted buffers
    <M-D> bdelete the selected buffer, the explorer stays open and retains cursor position
    <M-C> Close the window containing the buffer
    <F4>    Close the qnamebuf explorer

qnamefile Usage:
<S-F4> opens an explorer from the current working directory showing all files which are not in a hidden directory (one that starts with '.').  This script relies on the external find utility.

Common shortcuts to qnamefile and qnamebuf:
    <BS> Delete last char entered
    <C-U> Delete all entered chars
    <ESC> or <C-G> close the explorer
    <CR> Open the selected file in the current window
    <M-S> Open the selected file in a split window
    <M-V> Open the selected file in a vert split window
    <M-T> Open the selected file in a new tab
    <UP> <DOWN> <LEFT> <RIGHT> navigates the selection
    <HOME> <END> move to the first/last item
    <M-1>, ..., <M-0> open the first, ..., tenth file in the list

Note, I wanted these to be <C-...> but <C-1>...<C-0> are not real key sequences.

qnamepicker Usage:
See the documentation for a detailed description of how to call the function, and examples.  Essentially provides a function:
    QNamePickerStart(list, dict)
where a:list is the set of items, and a:dict provides a mechanism to customize various parts (e.g. rendering, extra keys for various actions, etcetera).

qnamebuf and qnamefile can be customized (in slightly different manners).  See the documentation for details on these.

I find the following mappings very useful (jump to the ith file):
    nmap <silent> <M-1> :brewind<CR>
    nmap <silent> <M-2> :brewind \| 1bn<CR>
    nmap <silent> <M-3> :brewind \| 2bn<CR>
    nmap <silent> <M-4> :brewind \| 3bn<CR>
    nmap <silent> <M-5> :brewind \| 4bn<CR>
    nmap <silent> <M-6> :brewind \| 5bn<CR>
    nmap <silent> <M-7> :brewind \| 6bn<CR>
    nmap <silent> <M-8> :brewind \| 7bn<CR>
    nmap <silent> <M-9> :brewind \| 8bn<CR>
    nmap <silent> <M-0> :brewind \| 9bn<CR>
When starting qnamebuf the numbers are displayed and this allows consistent access.

Also be sure to check the hints section of qnamepicker's documentation for some code to add to .vimproject_mappings to provide a lusty picker for the files in a project (it is slightly too long to be useful here)!
install details
Extract $HOME/.vim/

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
qnamebuf.zip 0.08 2013-11-25 7.0 Matt Spear Minor changes:
* History feature added
* ignore_case option added
* Change the prompt to show the current regexp versus fuzzy maching
* C-R to change between regexp and fuzzy matching
* M-P to do path matching in qnamefile
qnamebuf.zip 0.07 2011-05-20 7.0 Matt Spear Complete redesign, now has a flexible core that scripts can plug into to get a lusty picker.
qnamebuf.zip 0.05 2011-01-31 7.0 Matt Spear Fixed a bug which would cause operations to fail on a filtered list.
qnamebuf.zip 0.04 2010-12-18 7.0 Matt Spear Fixed overwriting the @y register.  Made the cmap silent.  Thanks to Peter for the patch!
qnamebuf.zip 0.03 2010-12-17 7.0 Matt Spear Made a mistake to always define the mapping for QNameBufInit even if a mapping to it existed.
qnamebuf.zip 0.02 2010-12-17 7.0 Matt Spear Added support for <LEADER>X being a synonym for <M-X>.  Some minor code cleanup.
qnamebuf.vim 0.01 2010-08-24 7.0 Matt Spear Initial upload
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