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getVar.vim : Convenient retrieval of buffer or global script options.

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Salman Halim
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These are just a few convenience functions that are useful for retrieval of plugin options that can be set globally as well as having buffer-specific over-rides.

Example:  I have a global variable called "g:sortOrder" which is set to "a".  In the test.java buffer, I create a buffer variable called "b:sortOrder" which is set to "d".  Now, GetVar#GetVar( "sortOrder" ) will return "d" when I'm in test.java and "a" everywhere else.  My plugin code doesn't need to actually check for buffer or global variables; I can just call GetVar#GetVar and be done with it.

Why is this useful?  It mimics the behaviour of options.  For example, :set grepprg? will return the value of 'grepprg'; if a local version has been set (:setlocal grepprg=<something>), it will quietly return that.  Otherwise, it will return the global value.  GetVar#GetVar allows the same behaviour for variables.

GetVar#GetVar will take an optional second parameter which will be the default value to return if neither a buffer nor a global variable by the specified name is found (the default default :) is -1).

Example:  GetVar#GetVar( "userID", "NONE" ) will take either a userID or the string "NONE" if there isn't one.  This can be useful where a script should just use an assumed default if the user hasn't specified an override (global or otherwise).

GetVar#VarExists simply returns true if any of the scopes used by GetVar#GetVar exist (in the same order of checking as GetVar#GetVar).
install details
Pop it into the autload directory and use in your plugins -- just make sure to add this as a dependence when you submit your plugin to this site.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
GetVar.vim 2.0 2011-04-23 7.0 Salman Halim Made the whole thing into an autoload script, prefixing the names of all the functions with GetVar (the name of the script); so, the new function names are:

GetVar.vim 1.4 2010-03-18 6.0 Salman Halim Added two new functions: GetSafe and Allocate.
GetVar.vim 1.3 2009-03-06 6.0 Salman Halim Changed the plugin slightly to allow for a default value to continue working if the regular return value is a list (or dictionary; basically, not a simple
scalar value). Then change, while bringing the plugin up to scratch with Vim 7.x, doesn't break Vim 6.x compatibility.
getVar.vim 1.2 2006-03-31 7.0 Salman Halim Updated to use Vim 7's t: (tab-specific) variables once buffer-specific variables aren't found.
The new sequence is window -> buffer -> tab -> global.  (Just stick with 1.1 if not using Vim 7.)
getVar.vim 1.1 2003-09-22 6.0 Salman Halim Updated to return window-specific variables, THEN buffer and then global variables.
getVar.vim 1.0 2002-07-26 6.0 Salman Halim Initial upload
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