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user name hemlock8
first name Salman
last name Halim
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Script Contributions

javabean.vim Adds property getters and setters
localColorSchemes.vim Local color schemes
multipleRanges.vim Selecting different ranges of lines
getVar.vim Convenient retrieval of buffer or global script options.
variableSort.vim Function to sort a simulated array variable set.
FiletypeRegisters Localize register contents based on filetype
Window Sizes Allows multiple windows to have specific vertical sizes
NumberToEnglish Converts Arabic numerals to English
Tab Manager Rearranges buffers into tabs
Message Formatter An plugin to ease typing of repetitive of code
Table Helper Utility to help in the creation of tables of data
Find XML Tags Locate tags with out of order attributes
UtilityFunctions Data structures and utility functions
FileTags Easily locate previously-used files, directories and URLs
RPN Vim RPN calculator
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