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colorizer : Highlight #rrggbb or #rgb color

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A modification of css_color.vim (vimscript #2150). It highlights all color strings in the form of #rrggbb or #rgb, regardless of file types, and unlike css_color.vim, it's able to find all colors in one line. It has support for 256-color terminals. It won't highlight color names.

This plugin defines three commands:

ColorHighlight - start/update highlighting
ColorClear      - clear all highlights
ColorToggle     - toggle highlights

By default, <leader>tc is mapped to ColorToggle. If you want to use another
key map, do like this:
nmap ,tc <Plug>Colorizer

If you want completely not to map it, set the following in your vimrc:
      let g:colorizer_nomap = 1

To use solid color highlight, set this in your vimrc (later change won't
probably take effect unless you use ':ColorHighlight!' to force update):
      let g:colorizer_fgcontrast = -1
set it to 0 or 1 to use a softened foregroud color.

Note: if you modify a color string in normal mode, if the cursor is still on
that line, it'll take 'updatetime' seconds to update. You can use
:ColorHighlight (or your key mapping) again to force update.

Performace Notice: In terminal, it may take several seconds to highlight 240
different colors. GUI version is much quicker.

* on github https://github.com/lilydjwg/colorizer
* 中文介绍(非官方) Chinese introduction (unoffical)
** http://www.gracecode.com/archives/3071/

Similar plugin:
* hexHighlight.vim vimscript #2937
install details
extract the tarball to ~/.vim (or for windows, $VIM/vimfiles)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
colorizer.tar.gz 1.4.2 2016-02-21 7.0 lilydjwg add support for #rrggbbaa and #aarrggbb (switchable)
colorizer.tar.gz 1.4.1 2014-01-25 7.0 lilydjwg * fixed auto-startup regression (thanks to shanesmith)
colorizer.tar.gz 1.4 2014-01-17 7.0 lilydjwg * improved performance and minimized startup time, thanks to blueyed
* use TextChanged* events if availlable
* other minor changes
colorizer.vim 1.3.1 2011-05-10 7.0 lilydjwg ColorToggle works again (after 1.3)
colorizer.vim 1.3 2011-05-09 7.0 lilydjwg * remain highlight when colorscheme changed
* update highlighting when BufRead
* add g:colorizer_fgcontrast to change foreground color (now it can highlight the color code to a solid block like hexHighlight.vim does)
Thanks to Ingo Karkat and rykka.
colorizer.vim 1.2.1 2011-05-06 7.0 lilydjwg fix variable undefined error.
colorizer.vim 1.1 2011-05-04 7.0 lilydjwg Use commands to invoke;
Add :ColorClear;
Support for #rgb form;
Other improvements.
Thanks to Ingo Karkat.
colorizer.vim 1.0 2011-04-28 7.0 lilydjwg Initial upload
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