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octave.vim : Syntax highlighting file for GNU Octave language

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Rik ***
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This file provides syntax highlighting for the GNU Octave programming language.

* Highlights entire Octave grammar (endwhile, endfor, etc.), not just Matlab keywords
* Updated to highlight all core Octave functions as of version 4.2.0
* Highlights user functions and anonymous functions [@(...)] from within the .m file being edited
* Use-dependent highlighting of Octave system variables
   When querying system variables, keyword is highlighted as a constant.  For example, var = true, highlights 'true' as a constant.
   When setting variables or otherwise invoking keyword as a function, keyword is highlighted as a function.  For example, var = true (2,4), highlights 'true' as a function.
* Support for multi-line strings with line continuation characters as well as escaped quotes (\" or \') within string.
* Support for multi-line block comments
* Support for highlighting numbers that use hex (0x) or binary (0b) syntax
* Error highlighting for bad number syntax, bad structure variable names, bad block comments, bad line continuations.
* Optional support for highlighting operators (+, -, *, etc.), user variables, or tabs  

* Occasionally anonymous functions are highlighted as a function even though the instance is of the name as a variable.  This is too difficult to correct without writing a full parser.

* The syntax file has a list of every valid function in Octave which makes it useful as an auto-completion dictionary for use with ViM's omnifunc function.  Once installed, type a few letters of the name of a function and then use Ctrl-X Ctrl-O to bring up a list of possible matches.


This script owes some debt to the two existing Octave syntax scripts:

However, it has been thoroughly rewritten and expanded considerably.
install details
Syntax file install on a UNIX-like system

1) mkdir -p ~/.vim/syntax
2) cp octave.vim ~/.vim/syntax/
3) Add the following lines to your ~/.vimrc to get ViM to use the file

----- SNIP -----
" Octave syntax
augroup filetypedetect
  au! BufRead,BufNewFile *.m,*.oct set filetype=octave
augroup END
----- SNIP -----

Optional highlighting of operators (+, -, *, etc.), user variables, or tabs can be had by uncommenting the appropriately tagged lines in octave.vim.

OMNIFUNC install on a UNIX-like system

1) Install the syntax file as described above
2) Add the following lines to your ~/.vimrc after the snippet from step 3 above
----- SNIP -----
" Use keywords from Octave syntax language file for autocomplete
if has("autocmd") && exists("+omnifunc")
   autocmd Filetype octave
   \ if &omnifunc == "" |
   \ setlocal omnifunc=syntaxcomplete#Complete |
   \ endif
----- SNIP -----

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
octave.vim.4.2.0 4.2.0 2016-11-14 5.7 Rik *** Updated to include syntax highlighting for all functions in 4.2.0.
Highlights numbers that use new syntax for hex (0x) and binary (0b).
Classdef keywords now automatically indent/exdent when used in code.
octave.vim 3.8.3 2014-09-18 5.7 Rik *** Correctly highlight cell arrays that use a transpose operator
octave.vim 3.8.0 2014-01-10 6.0 Rik *** Updated function list to match 3.8.0 release of Octave
Correct coloring problem with escaped double quotes within double-quoted string
octave.vim 3.6.0b 2012-01-30 5.7 Rik *** Correctly highlight functions like strcmp which use '=' within quotes rather than assignment
octave.vim 3.6.0 2012-01-23 5.7 Rik *** Update with list of 3.6.0 functions.  Now highlights keywords varargin, varargout, parfor.
octave.vim 3.4.3 2011-10-12 5.7 Rik *** Updated for 3.4.3
Spellchecking in Vim, if used, is now restricted to string literals and comments which reduces screen clutter.
octave.vim 3.4.2 2011-08-03 5.7 Rik *** Updated with 3.4.2 function list
octave.vim 3.4.0c 2011-06-08 5.7 Rik *** Now highlights anonymous functions.
Commands integrated into use-dependent highlighting.
Better recognition of keyword on LHS of '=' to stop highlighting user variables
octave.vim 3.4.0b 2011-05-31 5.7 Rik *** Correct occasional non-highlighting of nested () within function calls
octave.vim 3.4.0 2011-05-24 5.7 Rik *** Initial upload
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