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cream-showinvisibles : Toggle view of invisible tabs, returns, trailing spaces

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Steve Hall
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Toggle view of invisible characters such as tabs, trailing spaces and hard returns. The script includes intuitive presets for these characters, a global environmental variable (g:LIST) that is retained and initialized across sessions if you use a viminfo, and a familiar (to some of us) keyboard shortcut mapping to F4.

This configuration includes characters as nice looking as your specific setup will allow, determined by hardware, operating system and Vim version. (Vim version 6.1.469 supports multi-byte characters, used with UTF-8 encoding.)

This is one of the many custom utilities and functions for gVim from the Cream project (http://cream.sourceforge.net), a configuration of Vim for those of us familiar with Apple and Windows software.

install details

Just drop this file into your plugins directory and start Vim. Then use F4 to toggle invisibles!


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
cream-showinvisibles.vim 3.01 2004-03-20 6.0 Steve Hall Fixed typos in trail multi-byte test and extends definitions.
cream-showinvisibles.vim 3.0 2004-03-20 6.0 Steve Hall Characters are now selected by their display printability, not encoding. Better looking extended range chars are tried first, the 128 7-bit ASCII set last.
cream-showinvisibles.vim 2.1 2003-12-14 6.0 Steve Hall o Enabled utf-8 chars for Vim v6.2+.    
o Added mappings, autocmds for non-Cream.    
o Renamed functions.    
(See ChangeLog within file.)
cream-showinvisibles.vim 2.0 2003-04-17 6.0 Steve Hall New multi-byte sets now available, contingent upon Vim version 6.1.469 and above. Multi-byte characters have also been abstracted to decimal values so the current editing session doesn't affect them.
cream-showinvisibles.vim 1.1 2002-08-03 6.0 Steve Hall New normal mode mapping and slightly saner visual and insert mode mappings.
cream-showinvisibles.vim 1.0 2002-08-03 6.0 Steve Hall Initial upload
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