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user name digitect
first name Steve
last name Hall
email digitectmindspringcom
homepage http://cream.sourceforge.net
registered Vim
user or sponsor
no, or user has chosen to conceal his donation

Script Contributions

cream-capitalization Capitalize a selection in one of four ways
cream-ascii Insert an ASCII character from a dialog box
cream-sort sort a file by lines
cream-progressbar draw a progress bar in the command line
cream-showinvisibles Toggle view of invisible tabs, returns, trailing spaces
cream-vimabbrev Convert Vim script command and option names between full and abbreviated forms
cream-keytest Test and interpret keyboard characters returned by your hardware/software.
cream-email-munge Munge an email address
cream-numberlines Number lines of a selection
uniq.vim Emulations of the 'uniq' utility in Vim script
cream-iso639-2 (removed)
cream-iso3166-1 Find ISO 3166-1 country codes and names
cream-iso639.vim Find ISO 639 language abbreviations and names
cream-statusline-prototype Display current function prototype in statusline
cream-replacemulti Replace text across multiple files
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