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Rcode : Run various types of code against current buffer

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Rcode enables you to write short script to handle your text. It supports
VimScript, Awk (via external command), Perl, Python 2 & 3, Ruby and Lua.


See also at the top of the plugin file as it's formatted better.

Chinese Version (中文版文档) https://blog.lilydjwg.me/2011/12/21/rcode-vim-2-0-released.31390.html

Commands And Maps:
:Rcode Start Rcode. Accept an argument as the language, eg:
vim, awk, etc. Use <C-D> to see all available ones.
A new buffer will be opened for you. Write your code
in it.
You can give a range.

:RcLoad {name} Load a previous saved code snippet.
       "name" should be in the form "{lang}/{filename}" so
       that the script knows which language it's in. This is
       different from ":Save" command.
You can give a range.

:RcSelect List all available code snippets and you can choose
       one by number

In Rcode buffer:

:Run Run your code against the buffer you were.
:Save {name} Save your code so you can later load it with

in Python, 'v' is the 'vim' module, and 'b' is the current buffer,
in Lua, 'b' is the current buffer.

g:Rcode_after what to do after running your code.
0 means to do noting, 1 means to close the code buffer
and 2 will throw away your code besides closing the
buffer, or you code will be loaded next time you use
Default is 1.

g:Rcode_snippet_path Where you saved code snippets will lie.
Default is "$HOME/.vim/rcode"
install details
Put it in your ~/.vim/plugin.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
rcode.vim 2.0 2011-12-21 7.0 lilydjwg You can save the code now.
rcode.vim 1.0 2011-08-24 7.0 lilydjwg Initial upload
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