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fountainwiki.vim : Wiki and indentation for Fountain screenplay files

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carson fire
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Plugin offers light wikification of Fountain files, plus indentation.

Fountain syntax is the screenwriter's Markdown. Details: http://fountain.io

CHARACTER NAMES, ## Section headers, and [[notes]] become automatic WikiWords, with no deviation from Fountain syntax whatsoever.  Simply press 'enter', and a new file opens for keeping notes.

Emulates Vimwiki navigation and operation, and offers navigation and wikification of subordinate files of your choosing: plain text, markup syntax, etc. Or choose Vimwiki in order to use its search function and other features.

Other helpful features for screenwriting: shift-enter for ALL CAPS carriage return, and Vimwiki-style header promotion/demotion.

Fountain syntax file: (vimscript #3880)

In the works for the next version: more independent wiki-like features for non-wiki subordinate files (i.e., wikification of text files), and all filetypes highlighted and clickable (for linking various text, PDF, MS Word, image references, etc), which will make the system useful for overall project management. Will also include support for a deviation syntax for more compact scripts (plays, comic books) that use the character/dialogue form, 'CHARACTER: Dialogue...', but otherwise emulates Fountain. Also, strengthening of pattern matches (I've already found some weaknesses) and, of course, some bug fixes.
install details
Open the vba file and type:

    :so %

See :help vimball for details.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
fountainwiki-1-3.vba 1.3 2012-02-24 7.3 carson fire * Cleaner innards, better internal notes.
* More concise help file.
* Commands shortened; all begin with 'Fn' for quick access.
* Coordinated with Vimwiki navigation and functions.
* Complimentary navigation scheme for other subordinate files.
* Subordinate files wikified.
* Vimwiki-like header adjustment.
* Intuitive shortcut for ALLCAP LINES carriage return.
* Better title page text block protection (indentation).
fountainwiki-1-2.vba 1.2 2012-02-21 7.3 carson fire Vimballed, now with proper help file. Wiki file now opens full window (more common behavior), but with the sidebar still available as an option. New command brings you back to your screenplay. Hack added for properly exploiting Vimwiki search (if using Vimwiki in conjunction). More options for customizing indentation. Filename token deprecated, now optional.
fountainwiki.vim 1.1 2012-02-20 7.3 carson fire [[Notes]] are now FountainWikiWords, along with CHARACTER NAMES and ## Section headers.  Filename token made optional.
fountainwiki.vim 1.0 2012-02-19 7.3 carson fire Initial upload
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