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copycppdectoimp.vim : Expanded version of VIM-TIP#335 - Copy C++ function declaration into implementat

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Robert KellyIV
script type
Ment for cpp class member functions, also works for normal c functions; modify for others...
This is not perfect, but works pretty good. -- Works out of the box, however you may want to customize it some. Customization is as easy as defining some global vars...

" OPTIOINAL: Place something like the below in your .vimrc or where ever you like to keep your global option vars and change as desired.
" Note, these are the defaults.
" GHPH Options: {{{
" See copycppdectoimp.vim for more documtation.
" Virtual: 1 for commented, else removed.
let g:ghph_ShowVirtual                    = 0
" Static:  1 for commented, else removed.
let g:ghph_ShowStatic                     = 0
" Default Params: 3 for /*5*/, 2 for /* = 5*/, else removed.
let g:ghph_ShowDefaultParams     = 3
" Command: 1 to define :GHPH (default if nothing defined), 0 to NOT define.
let g:ghph_useGHPH                       = 1
" Command: 1 to define :GH and :PH, 0 to NOT define.
"let g:ghph_useGHandPH               = 1
" }}}

:GHPH when in a header file (.h) and on a member function decloration.
Then :GHPH when in a source file (.cpp or the like) where you want the properly expanded implimentation of the member function.
(There is also :GH and :PH or :GHPH g :GHPH p as alternitive methods of using this, see below.)

Please see the comments in the file for more info.

class CTest
    void Test_Member_Function_G(
        int        _iSomeNumber,                //!< doxy comment
        char    * _cpSomeString,            //!< Same
        float    /*_fNotused*/,        //!< not used param. Heh aka error stress test.
        int        _iFlags = 0            /*!< I think */
        );    // yea whatever.
// nested classes/structs and inlined functions supported.
// If you have something you want to work but doesnt email me an I'll see if I can get it to.

Place cursor on line with 'Test_Member_Function_G' and :GHPH
Place cursor in .cpp file where you want function and :GHPH gives you:
void CTest::Test_Member_Function_G(int _iSomeNumber, char * _cpSomeString, float /*_fNotused*/, int _iFlags/*0*/)
With your cursor on the opening brace ready for a o

How static, virtual and default params are comented in the function are configurable (can totally remove them if you like), See the file for more info.

Note that you call :GHPH twice (I was playing with this idea--one less thing to remember) The function decides what to do based on the file extension (only .h at the moment but easy to change/add more). If you like it is as easy as unreming the command definitions to get :GH and :PH.

You can overide :GHPH's attempt to be clever and force getting the definition or putting the implimentation via :GHPH g and :GHPH p respectivly.

Although still a work in progress it both functions and behaves well.

To TRY this all you need to is place this in your ftplugin/cpp directory and then :GHPH on a member function and :GHPH in the source file. Don't like it? remove the file from ftplugin/cpp

Thanks to Leif Wickland for VIM-Tip#335 from which this file derived.
See: http://vim.sourceforge.net/tip_view.php?tip_id=335

What YOU would like to see in this script wanted, drop me an email.
Happy VIMing!
install details
Drop in your ftplugin/cpp directory.

Uninstall is just remove the script file and any vars/mappings you have made.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
copycppdectoimp.vim 0.46 2003-06-03 6.0 Robert KellyIV Refined matching declaration prens; should be more resistant to mismatched prens outside of the function declaration. Mismatched prens inside the function declaration (i.e. in comments) will confuse this still.
NOTE that I goofed the previous version's number, it was 0.45 NOT 0.55. Oopsie!
copycppdectoimp.vim 0.55 2003-05-04 6.0 Robert KellyIV * Bug fix: more robust handling of comments and prens and things in multi line function declorations.
* Small fix to take into account non blank equalprg; thanks to Nathan Dunn for help tracking this down.
copycppdectoimp.vim 0.43 2002-10-17 6.0 Robert KellyIV Bugfix, The case of filename extension no loger matters during the check for header/source.
copycppdectoimp.vim 0.32 2002-10-09 6.0 Robert KellyIV * More intelligent/robust checking/finding the class.
* Nested classes are now supported.
* Normal functions now work.
copycppdectoimp.vim 0.3 2002-10-07 6.0 Robert KellyIV Initial upload
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