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user name FeralOfFireTop
first name Robert
last name KellyIV
email feraleclecticwizardcom
registered Vim
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Script Contributions

ToggleCommentify.vim comment lines in a program
expand.vim method to simply an quickly post expand a cmd. "index ff" for example.
textlink.vim Another way to hyperlink plain text files. |FileName|@|SearchString| notation...
copycppdectoimp.vim Expanded version of VIM-TIP#335 - Copy C++ function declaration into implementat
cppgetset.vim Convert a data type definition into get/set data members.
titlecase.vim Convert range or visual to titlecase.
ddldbl.vim Delete Duplicate Lines and Delete Blank Lines.
markjump.vim Code transversal functions, move to prev/next marker, insert/strip markers.
otf.vim On-The-Fly coloring of patterns, Inspired by MultipleSearch.vim
fte.vim VIM6.0+ Global plugin to expand and load templates (separate cmds). «expression»
FeralToggleCommentify.vim My fork of ToggleCommentify.vim; comment lines in a program
ferallastchange.vim FORK of lastchange.vim; Automatic update of timestamp line in file.
feralalign.vim Simple script to save you from "ciw" to align text.
hlcontext.vim based on VIMTIP#548: Using H and L keys as context sensitive pagedown/pageup
feralstub.vim Flexible stubs. (inspired by Dr.Chip's C-Stubs)
teol.vim :TEOL and :TSOL ; toggles string at end/start of line(s)
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