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Lua Support 2 : Lua IDE -- Insert code snippets, run and check the code and look up help

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created by
Wolfgang Mehner
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Speed-up the development of Lua scripts:

- insert code snippets: comments, statements, functions, regular expressions, ...
- ... which come in an extendible template library
- quickly comment the code by automatically generating function descriptions
- run or compile the code from within Vim
- run the syntax checker
- quick access to the online reference manual
- ... or read the manual inside Vim
- make integration

Some screen shots :  http://wolfgangmehner.github.io/vim-plugins/luasupport.html

For plug-in managers :  https://github.com/WolfgangMehner/lua-support

The help file online :  http://wolfgangmehner.github.io/vim-plugins/doc/luasupport.html

While this plug-in is conceived as a successor of the original lua-support ( https://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1763 ), backwards compatibility is not guaranteed.
However, we hope that the better configurability through the template library and other new features make for a product which is much better suited to deal with a language like Lua.

This plug-in comes with a help file (luasupport.txt). Read it with

    :help luasupport

Lua-Support is on GitHub. We are happy to receive your questions, suggestions, and bug reports here:


(Please help us keep track of all the issues and name your report/request "Lua-Support: <title>")
install details
Copy the zip archive lua-support.zip to $HOME/.vim/ (Linux/Unix) or
$HOME/vimfiles (Windows) and run:
    unzip lua-support.zip

Redo the helptags (Linux/Windows):
    :helptags $HOME/.vim/doc/
    :helptags $HOME\vimfiles\doc\

You might have to set the correct executable. See lua-support/README.md or:
    :help g:Lua_Executable
(the default is "lua")

To install the templates for Lua's C-API, please consult:
    :help luasupport-usage-capi

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
lua-support.zip 1.0 2016-08-15 7.3 Wolfgang Mehner - The default style used by the template library is now 'Lua_52'.
  You can change it in the template customization file (see below).
  The jump to the online help is also set up for Lua 5.2.
- Rename 'g:Lua_GlbTemplateFile' into 'g:Lua_GlobalTemplateFile'.
- Rename 'g:Lua_LclTemplateFile' into 'g:Lua_LocalTemplateFile'.
- Add optional custom templates 'g:Lua_CustomTemplateFile'.
- Add template personalization file and setup wizard.
- Add Lua's reference manual in Vim's help format.
- Add maps and menu entries to jump to it conveniently.
- New and improved templates, add Lua 5.3.
- Add Lua C-API templates.
- Fix running and compiling scripts under Windows.
- Minor improvements.
lua-support.zip 0.9 2014-11-03 7.0 Wolfgang Mehner - Added: Inserting and removing long comments ( --[[ --]] ).
- Added: Hardcopy to postscript.
- Added: Direct run, run executable scripts directly, using their shebang.
- Added: Make script executable/not exec.
- Added: The contents of the buffer "Lua Output" can be loaded into the quickfix
  list even if the interpreter did not terminate with an error.
- Added: Toolbox for make integration.
- Changed: Better error recognition while running scripts.
- Fixed: Setup of local templates in case of global installation.
- New templates and codesnippets.
- Minor improvements.
lua-support.zip 0.8 2014-05-30 7.0 Wolfgang Mehner Initial upload
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