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yowish : A yellowish dark colorscheme

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created by
Kabbaj Amine
script type
color scheme
Yowish is a vim dark theme similar to outlander (https://atom.io/themes/outlander-syntax), with some yellow in it :) (Works well on both GUI & 256-colors terminal).

Details & screenshots here > https://github.com/KabbAmine/yowish.vim

Please rate it if you find it useful :)
install details

Copy the distributed files into Vim runtime directory which is usually ~/.vim/, or $HOME/vimfiles on Windows.


Use a plugin manager (Vundle, vim-plug....)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
yowish.tar.gz 0.7.1 2016-03-06 7.0 Kabbaj Amine - Add custom colors for the plugin signjk-motion
- Internal: Minor refactoring
- Rename jade to pug
- Add airline_error colors to airline themes
yowish.tar.gz 0.7.0 2016-02-05 7.0 Kabbaj Amine 0.7.0
- Add possibility to enable/disable custom colors for plugins
- Add custom colors for the plugin Unite
- Add more diff colors
- Set better colors to quickfix & location list windows
- A better diff colors
- Add custom colors for the plugin agit
- Internal: Add links for used plugins
yowish.tar.gz 0.6.2 2016-01-11 7.0 Kabbaj Amine *** 0.6.2
- Fix name of airline theme.
*** 0.6.1
- Update airline themes:
- Add warningmsg colors
- Fix insert_paste cterm colors
- Add new screens to the README
*** 0.6.0
- Add a global variable `g:yowish` for user configuration
- Add a new airline theme called *yowishU*
- Small refactoring and code cleaning
yowish.tar.gz 0.5.5 2015-11-21 7.0 Kabbaj Amine * Add jade support
yowish.tar.gz 0.5.4 2015-10-28 7.0 Kabbaj Amine - Add ColorColumn group
yowish.tar.gz 0.5.3 2015-10-16 7.0 Kabbaj Amine - Refactoring
- Some changes in vimhelp colors
- Better javascript & ruby support
yowish.tar.gz 0.5 2015-10-04 7.0 Kabbaj Amine * Modify airline theme in NORMAL mode
* Remove autoloaded files.
* Refactoring
yowish.tar.gz 0.4.1 2015-03-22 7.0 Kabbaj Amine - Make search & incsearch (hlsearch) more visibles.
- Link vimCommentString with vimComment.
- Set back php variables to light red (More visible).
yowish.tar.gz 0.4 2015-02-07 7.0 Kabbaj Amine - Define colors and hi function in autoload files.
- Modify php variables color.
- Set a dark background for inactive windows in airline statusline.
- Small refactoring.
yowish.tar.gz 0.3 2015-01-13 7.0 Kabbaj Amine Update to v0.3:
- Supports now terminals with 256 colors.
- Add CtrlP custom colors.
- Make cursor and visual selection more visibles.
- Add specific theme for airlineplugin.
yowish.tar.gz 0.2 2015-01-11 7.0 Kabbaj Amine Update to v0.2:
- Make general highlighting groups for better general support.
- Symplify the code.
- Add & change colors for better eye comfortableness.
- No need anymore of Undotree custom colors.
- Remove the loaded_nerdtree condition.
yowish.tar.gz 0.1 2015-01-10 7.0 Kabbaj Amine Correct typo
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