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gulp-vim : Simple gulp wrapper for Vim + ctrlp-vim + unite-gulp

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Kabbaj Amine
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This plugin is a simple gulp (gulpjs.com) wrapper for vim.

    * Run gulp inside Vim.
    * Run gulp in the backgound using an external terminal without losing focus.
    * Run gulp using a custom shell or vim command.
    * List your gulp tasks.
    * Support different gulpfiles (.js, .babel.js, .coffee).
    * CtrlP integration.
    * Unite source.
    * Works on GNU/Linux and Windows.

Check the official repository for more details > https://github.com/KabbAmine/gulp-vim
Please rate this plugin if you find it useful (Or useless ;) ).

P.S: Starting from version 0.8.0 the plugin uses semantic versionning 2.0.0.


Gulp-vim provides 2 main commands: Gulp and GulpExt.

Both commands accept 0 or many arguments (Task name(s)), that can be completed using <Tab>.

:Gulp    [task(s)...]
:GulpExt [task(s)...]

If no task name was provided, 'default' is used.

The difference between those 2 commands is that Gulp executes gulp inside Vim and GulpExt open an external terminal:
    * The default one via exo-open in GNU/Linux and a simple cmd in Windows.
    * Or use Dispatch if its installed.
    * Or use a defined user command.
Then execute gulp.

Don't use gulp watching tasks with the command Gulp (In case, <Ctrl-C> to stop it), use GulpExt for those tasks.

You can execute gulp tasks with CtrlP (This command is provided only if ctrlp is installed).

A Unite source is also provided:
:Unite -buffer-name=gulp gulp

:GulpTasks                                              => To show a list of your gulp task names (Extracted from current gulpfile.js).
:GulpFile [gulpfile || path/to/gulpfile]     => To specify the gulpfile to use: gulpfile.coffee, gulpfile.babel.js (By default its gulpfile.js).

For the plugin configuration please refer to the included documentation file or the README > https://github.com/KabbAmine/gulp-vim/blob/master/README.md
install details

Install the distributed files into Vim runtime directory which is usually ~/.vim/, or $HOME/vimfiles on Windows.

Using a plugin manager

And this is the recommended way, use a vim plugin manager:

Vim-plug       Plug 'KabbAmine/gulp-vim'              PlugInstall
Vundle           Plugin 'KabbAmine/gulp-vim'           PluginInstall
NeoBundle   NeoBundle 'KabbAmine/gulp-vim'   NeoBundleInstall

This is not mandatory, but the plugin can use Tpope's Dispatch plugin (https://github.com/tpope/vim-dispatch) if its installed.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
gulp-vim.tar.gz 0.8.4 2015-12-29 7.0 Kabbaj Amine - More refactoring
- Improve the way the plugin detects & sets the gulpfile
- Simplify task names gathering for plugin(s) integration
- Take in account whitespace characters before task names
- Fix: Get task names only if a gulpfile is found
gulp-vim.tar.gz 0.8.3 2015-12-23 7.0 Kabbaj Amine 0.8.3
    Fix: Get focus back only when vim window id is different from 0
    Improve custom command process, g:gv_custom_cmd can now escape double quotes if needed
    Set back focus to the editor after using GulpExt (Need wmctrl & is Unix only)
    Update screenshots and documentation
    Fix rvm_hack value
    Add more informations in the README.
gulp-vim.tar.gz 0.8.0 2015-12-15 7.0 Kabbaj Amine * Fixes bug introduced by ad764163f
* Improve definitions of commands & functions.
* Allows rvm hack option to work everywhere & make it unix only.
# Features:
* Add Unite source thanks to @dawnofthedev
* Add possibility to define a custom command to use with GulpExt.
gulp-vim.tar.gz v0.7.1 2015-11-21 7.0 Kabbaj Amine * Add a command for CtrlP integration (`:CtrlPGulp`)
* Use `--gulpfile` flag
gulp-vim.tar.gz v0.6.2 2015-10-28 7.0 Kabbaj Amine - Fix GulpExt command
- Add Dispatch integration
gulp-vim.tar.gz v0.6 2015-10-22 7.0 Kabbaj Amine - Add support for coffee & babel gulpfiles
- New command :GulpFile
- New cutomisation variable g:gv_default_gulpfile
- Show now some informations before proceeding
gulp-vim.tar.gz 0.5 2015-10-18 7.0 Kabbaj Amine - Refactoring
- Add doc & changelog files
gulp-vim.tar.gz 0.1.1 2015-03-25 7.0 Kabbaj Amine - Fix GulpExt in windows.
gulp-vim.tar.gz 0.1 2015-03-22 7.0 Kabbaj Amine Initial upload
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