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TVO: The Vim Outliner : Turn vim into a full-featured text outliner

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created by
Ned Konz
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TVO (The Vim Outliner) is my solution for text outlining in Vim.

It works a lot like Word's outline support, but is much more vim-compatible.
It has syntax highlighting, embedded text blocks, shortcut mappings using both  LocalLeader and arrow keys, and works reasonably well with Vim Easy.
There is a toolbar that will be familiar to you if you've used Word's outliner.

You can extract just text, or just headings if you wish; there's also some converters (to HTML, Perl POD, and to RTF) included.

Please email me with bug reports, improvements, comments or more documentation (badly needed!).

Earlier versions are available at http://bike-nomad.com/vim/vimoutliner.html
install details
Installing in a local or global .vim directory

You will want to install TVO into a directory in your Vim
runtimepath (:he 'runtimepath'). Type the command

:set runtimepath

To find out what it is set to. This will display a list of
directories separated by commas. On my Linux system, these
directories are:


I installed TVO into my ~/.vim directory.

I could have also installed it so it would be available to all the
users on my system by putting it into either the
/usr/local/share/vim/vimfiles or /usr/local/share/vim/vim60

Installing the binaries

I've included some scripts in Perl and Ruby that I use for
conversion of .otl files to HTML, RTF, and Perl POD. There is also
a pod2otl converter.
You can move these to a directory on your path (you may also have
to change the shebang (#!) lines).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vimoutliner-122.zip 122 2006-05-25 6.0 Ned Konz     * Fixed Viki integration (with fixes from Thomas Link)
    * Changed email address in ftplugin/otl.vim
    * Defaulted g:otl_use_viki
    * Made double-click conditional on having a fold
    * Added variable g:otl_highlight_extensions to make TODO, XXX, and NOTE highlighting configurable
    * Improved installation directions in README.otl
vimoutliner-111.zip 111 2006-03-19 6.0 Ned Konz Made settings work right for the first file!
In my prior 2 versions (trying to get the modelines to work) I inadvertently made the settings for the first file broken.
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