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lazyList : A quick way to create lists in Vim

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Kabbaj Amine
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LazyList is a vim plugin who gives you possibility to create ordered and non ordered lists very quickly, and this by adding indices to the beginning of each line in the current selection.

Check this gif:

With non numerical indices, the plugin can even act smartly:

As a bonus, the selection algorithm of the plugin can be used as a motion command:

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The plugin provides one unique command: LazyList, which can be used to add/remove indices to/from a selection in NORMAL or VISUAL mode (This command can take 0 or 1 argument(s): The index).

The index can be:

    - A character or a string (e.g +, '* ','- ', 'Chapter X. '...)
    - A special pattern understandable by the plugin:
        %number%: Produces indices starting from number (e.g %1%, %33%...)
    - Both of them (e.g 'Chapter 1, part %1% - '...)

You will find all informations in the official repository:
install details
Manual installation
Install the distributed files into Vim runtime directory which is usually `~/.vim/`, or `$HOME/vimfiles` on Windows.

Using Pathogen
Simply extract the file into `bundle` directory.

Using a plugin manager
Just add the the following line in your vimrc:
    Plug 'KabbAmine/lazyList.vim'
Then install the plugin using the adequate command.
(The keyword 'Plug' & the installation command depends of your vim plugin manager)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
lazyList.tar.gz v0.6 2015-09-22 7.0 Kabbaj Amine * Refactor to make future implementations & integration into other plugin(s) easier
* Add test cases using Vader
### Features
* Add possibility to use selection algorithm as a motion command
### Fixes
* Allow usage of numerical indices greater than 9
lazyList.tar.gz v0.3 2015-08-21 7.0 Kabbaj Amine Fixes:
- Select one line in VISUAL mode works as expected.
- Don't remove characters from line(s) without indices anymore.
lazyList.tar.gz v0.1 2015-08-20 7.0 Kabbaj Amine Initial upload
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