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RAPID-Syntax : Syntax, indent and more for Abb industrial robots

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created by
Patrick Meiser-Knosowski
script type
Now available on github: https://github.com/KnoP-01/rapid-for-vim

Rapid for Vim (7.4 or later) is a collection of Vim scripts to help programing ABB industrial robots (https://new.abb.com/products/robotics/industrial-robots).

It provides

*    syntax highlighting,
*    indenting,
*    concealing of structure values (e.g. MoveJ * v2500...),
*    support for commentary vimscript #3695, matchit vimscript #39 and matchup vimscript #5624,
*    mappings and settings to navigate through code in a backup folder structure,
*    text objects for functions and
*    completion of words from known or custom global files like EIO.cfg,
*    mappings to insert a body of a new PROC, FUNC, TRAP et al based on user defined templates or hopefully sane defaults.

Note: Keep your files to be edited in one folder or in a regular robot backup folder structure. Rapid for Vim modifies 'path' accordingly.
Note to Linux users: Keep your files to be edited on a FAT file system. Some features need the case insensitive file system to work properly.

See https://github.com/KnoP-01/rapid-for-vim#FAQ on how to use more than just highlight and indent.
install details
### Installation with vim-plug:  ~
Put this in your .vimrc:  >

    call plug#begin('~/.vim/plugged')
      Plug 'KnoP-01/rapid-for-vim'
    call plug#end()

For the first installation run: >


Update every once in a while with: >


### Manual installation:  ~
Extract the most recent release and copy the folders `/doc`, `/ftdetect`, `/ftplugin`, `/indent` and `/syntax`  into your `~/.vim/` or `%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles\` directory. Overwrite rapid.* files from older installation.
Put the following in your .vimrc: >

    syntax on                        " syntax and filetype on in that order
    filetype plugin indent on  " syntax and filetype on in that order

You may have to run >

    :helptags ~/.vim/doc/

or >

    :helptags ~/vimfiles/doc/

to use the help within Vim after installation. >

    :help rapid

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script versions (upload new version)

Click on the package to download.

package script version date Vim version user release notes
rapid-for-vim-2.2.6.zip v2.2.6 2022-01-05 7.4 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * Fix: Catch E479
rapid-for-vim-2.2.5.zip v2.2.5 2021-12-24 7.4 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * Add tool change and some other missing instructions and datatypes
* Add some missing conveyor tracking instructions
* Add rapid numbers in Dec-, Hex-, Oct- and Bin-format
* Fix concealing of structure values
* Use quickfixtextfunc instead of temp file to modify the quickfix
* Raise chars of shortened path in quickfix window from 3 to 5 for
* Fix false highlight if a ] is part of a string in a struct
* Change highlight of config header
* Optimize 'path' generation
* Enable spell checking only for comments and strings
* Fix false highlight of the end of rapidStructVal
rapid-for-vim-2.2.2.zip v2.2.2 2020-12-22 7.4 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * Updt to RW6.10; add missing commands, functions and data types and constants
* Add more commands, functions and data types and constants of optional technology
* Allow umlauts
* Set 'fileencoding' = latin1 (even if Robot Studio accepts UTF8, the robot itself does not!)
* Fix highlight of struct which span over lines
* Add endwise (tpope) support
* Support ]],[[... for .cfg files
* Make mappings for conceal structs work if g:rapidConcealStructs=0
* Highlight of conditional argument
* Highlight -name strings longer than 32 chars as error
* Refactor indent file
rapid-for-vim-2.1.1.zip 2.1.1 2019-12-14 7.4 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski *    enable most features by default
*    add text objects for Proc/Func/Trap.. and comment blocks
*    [[, [], ... work in operator pending mode
*    add commands/types of some technology packages
*    fix bug where unnamed buffers are created for each use of gd, f and u
*    add EIO.cfg etc to 'complete', customizable (see :help rapid-complete)
*    restructure help
rapid-for-vim-1.5.5.zip 1.5.5 2018-03-23 7.4 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * added text objects for functions (depends on g:rapidMoveAroundKeyMap: set this option to 2 to get the textobjects)
af (around function): from proc, func, trap or record to endproc et al.
aF: as af but includes all comments directly above proc et al. and one empty line after endproc et al.
if (inner function): from one line after proc et al. to one line before endproc et al.
* made label highlighting more consistent
rapid-for-vim-1.5.3.zip 1.5.3 2017-12-23 7.4 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * changes in help file
* highlight procs and vars >32 char as error
rapid_for_vim_v152_20170920.zip 1.5.2 2017-09-19 7.4 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * changed "highlight link" to "highlight default link" in syntax file
* changed 'path': excluded ../PROGMOD/** and ../SYSMOD/**. This is catched by ../../../RAPID/TASK*/** now
* made structure values concealable (eg MoveL *, v2500, z200, ...)
* added optional mappings to quickly change between concealed/shown (F2/F3) structure values
  See :help g:rapidConcealStructsKeyMap and g:rapidConcealStructs
* fixed bug related to g:rapidShowError
rapid_for_vim_v151_20170817.zip 1.5.1 2017-08-17 7.4 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * fixed bug in move around comment mapping [! and ]!
rapid_for_vim_v150_20170815.zip 1.5.0 2017-08-15 7.4 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * better 'path' generation, also added HOME/ and BACKINFO/ to 'path'
* better temp file handling. Sorry to all linux/unix users for inconvenience with this one.
* made this script compatible to romainls vim-qf (vimscript#5211)
* file comprehensive features should now work on case sensitive file systems
rapid_for_vim_v141_20170710.zip v1.4.1 2017-07-11 7.0 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * updated syntax file to RobotWare 6
rapid_for_vim_v140_20170625.zip 1.4.0 2017-06-24 7.0 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * *.cfg file will get a bit highlight and filetype rapid now
* automatically correct mixed dos/unix line endings in *.cfg files if g:rapidAutoCorrCfgLineEnd is set to 1
* fixed indent bug
* divided up mappings for <leader>f and gd into 2 options: g:rapidListDefKeyMap and g:rapidGoDefinitionKeyMap
* added <plug> mappings as an alternative to the configuration variables for mappings
* added auto form feature. Insert a body for a new PROC/FUNC/TRAP or RECORD with a few key strokes. See help for more details on this
* added mapping <leader>u to list all appearances of the word under the cursor if g:rapidListUsageKeyMap is set
* added option to influence where <leader>f, <leader>u and gd open the quickfix window: g:rapidRhsQuickfix and g:rapidLhsQuickfix
* improved *.prg file support
rapid_for_vim_v131_20161008.zip 1.3.1 2016-10-09 7.0 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * set proper b:undo_indent and b:undo_ftplugin
* added matchit support (vimscript #39)
* added mappings for [[, ]], ... and gd if g:rapidGoDefinitionKeyMap is set
* added mapping of <leader>f to list all PROC ect of the current file if g:rapidGoDefinitionKeyMap is set
* added 'path', 'suffixes' and 'suffixesadd' settings for :find or gf
* changed option name from g:rapidNoHighlight to g:rapidNoHighLink (the old one does still work for compatibility)
* additions to syntax
rapid_for_vim_v112_20160821.zip 1.1.2 2016-08-21 7.0 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * a dos formated file type detect file caused error messages on unix like operating systems in the previous version. Sorry for inconvenience!
rapid_for_vim_v112_20160727.zip 1.1.2 2016-07-27 7.0 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * this script now setlocal commentstring=!%s for easy use of commentary (vimscript #3695)
* fixed false highlight of num
* updated help
* restructured code
rapid_for_vim_v107_20160531.zip 1.0.7 2016-06-01 7.0 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * added highlight of rapid char codes within strings
* fixed false highlight of num if it's the name of an
    argument instead of the data type num
* improvements of indent in some special cases
* improved help file
rapid_for_vim_v104_20160528.zip 1.0.4 2016-05-28 7.0 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * fixed indent of wrapped long lines, like long array values or long argument lists
* fixed single parentasis in comments do not cause false indention any more
* fixed UNDO indent
rapid_for_vim_v101_20160526.zip 1.0.1 2016-05-26 7.0 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * added help
* added file type detect
* added file type plugin
* added indent file
* made the script configurable by options
* minor changes in syntax file
rapid.vim 0.9.3 2016-05-24 7.0 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski * used setlocal instead of set
rapid.vim 0.9 2016-03-18 7.0 Patrick Meiser-Knosowski Initial upload
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