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vim-alias : versatile vim-command line aliases

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Enno Nagel
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This plugin lets you define command-line abbreviations by `:Alias` which only expand at the beginning of the command prompt.

You can pass the optional parameters

  -buffer  or  -range

to create a buffer local alias or one that accepts a range preceding the

These command line abbreviations work like the bash aliases, except that
the alias is substituted in-place.

# Usage

    :Alias [-range] [-buffer] <lhs> <rhs>
    :UnAlias <lhs> ...
    :Aliases [<lhs> ...]

## Examples:

    :Alias   -range   dg   <c-r>=&l:diff?"diffget":"dg"<cr>
    :Alias   -buffer  spl  setlocal\ spell<bar>setlocal\ spelllang=en
    :Alias            w!!  write\ !sudo\ tee\ >\ /dev/null\ %
    :Alias            F    find\ *<c-r>=EatChar("\ ")<cr>
    :Alias            th   tab\ help
    :Alias            sft  setfiletype
    :Alias            g    !git
    :UnAlias          g

  See :help abbreviations for Eatchar(c).

## Persistent Aliases:

To define the Aliases after Vim has started up, put them in ~/.vim/after/plugin/alias.vim (on Linux) or %USERPROFILE%/vimfiles/after/plugin/alias.vim (on Microsoft Windows).

# Configuration

The variable `g:cmdaliasCmdPrefixes` lists the patterns of all commands by
which an alias command may be preceded and yet expand. It defaults to

  let g:cmdaliasCmdPrefixes = [
      \ '\d*verb\%[ose]', 'debug', 'sil\%[ent]!\?', '\%uns[ilent]' 'redir\?!\?',
      \ 'ld!\?', '[cl]fd!\?', '[cl]f\?do!\?',
      \ '\%(\%([.$]\|\d\+\)\%([,;]\%([.$]\|\d\+\)\)*\)\?\s*' .
      \ '\%(argdo\?!\?\|bufdo\?!\?\|windo\?\|tabdo\?\)' ]

# Development

vim-alias is developed at


where issues can be filed.

# Credits

This plugin builds and improves on cmdalias.vim 3. 0 by Hari Krishna Dara by

- allowing for aliases of commands preceded by a range (like :Alias -range dg
- allowing for alias names ending in non-word chars (like :Alias w!! ...),
- having a Vim documentation, and
- more checks for proper usage, more consistent parameter parsing and a finer
  check for blanks or commands (such as :  silent! ) preceding the alias.
install details
Unpack vim-alias into ~/.vim on Linux or Mac and into %USERPROFILE%/vimfiles on Microsoft Windows.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-alias.zip 1.7 2019-09-13 6.0 Enno Nagel autoloadize
vim-alias.zip 1.6 2019-09-06 6.0 Enno Nagel allow overriding alias, fix two errors
vim-alias.zip 1.5 2018-05-10 6.0 Enno Nagel separate strictly between buffer-local and global aliases
vim-alias.zip 1.4 2016-11-02 7.0 Enno Nagel Handle Aliases that extend each other and end in non-word characters
vim-alias.zip 1.2 2016-06-13 7.0 Enno Nagel fix minor quirks
vim-alias.zip 1.1 2016-04-09 7.0 Enno Nagel - secure alias names & expansions
- extend doc
- minor bug fix
vim-alias.zip 1.0 2016-04-06 7.0 Enno Nagel Initial upload
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