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user name EPN
first name Enno
last name Nagel
email ennonagel+vimgmailcom
registered Vim
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Script Contributions

FastFold Speed up Vim by updating folds only when called-for
vim-alias versatile vim-command line aliases
vim-DetectSpellLang autodetect the spell-check language of the current buffer
vim-CtrlXA make Ctrl-X and Ctrl-A run through keyword cycles
vim-scratchpad toggle a scratchpad
vim-select-replace selectively replace or delete the cur. word or selected text in multiple places
vim-mailquery complete e-mail addresses in Vim by those in your inbox
vim-mutt-aliases complete e-mail addresses in Vim by those in your mutt aliases file
vim-unicode-homoglyphs Highlight and normalize unicode homoglyphs in Vim.
vim-sentence-chopper version-control friendly formatting of prose (and LaTeX markup)
vim-office read common binary files, such as PDFs or those for Libre or Microsoft Office
vim-notmuch-addrlookup complete e-mail addresses in Vim by those indexed in your mail folders
vim-langtool list and jump to grammar errors found by LanguageTool
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