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CtrlXA : make Ctrl-X and Ctrl-A run through keyword cycles

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Enno Nagel
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This Vim plug-in makes the key bindings <Ctrl-X/A> additionally cycle through keywords in lists such as true/false, yes/no, set/unset or yesterday/today/tomorrow.

These keywords are configurable by the variable g:CtrlXA_Toggles which defaults to

  let g:CtrlXA_Toggles = [
      \ ['true', 'false'], ['True', 'False'], ['TRUE', 'FALSE'] ,
      \ ['yes', 'no'], ['Yes', 'No'], ['YES', 'NO'] ,
      \ ['on', 'off'], ['On', 'Off'], ['ON', 'OFF'] ,
      \ ['set', 'unset'] ,
      \ ['is', 'isnot'] ,
      \ ['==', '!='] , ['<', '>'], ['<=', '>='], ['=~', '!~'],
      \ ['up', 'down'] ,
      \ ['before', 'after'] ,
      \ ['right', 'wrong'], ['Right', 'Wrong'], ['rightly', 'wrongly'], ['Rightly', 'Wrongly'] ,
      \ ['enable', 'disable'], ['Enable', 'Disable'], ['enabled', 'disabled'], ['Enabled', 'Disabled'] ,
      \ ]

There is also its buffer-local analogue, which allows for file-type specific
keyword cycles by, for example

  autocmd FileType vim
              \ let b:CtrlXA_Toggles = [
              \ ['if', 'else', 'elseif', 'endif'],
              \ ] + g:CtrlXA_Toggles
  autocmd FileType sh
              \ let b:CtrlXA_Toggles = [
              \ ['if', 'elif', 'else', 'fi'],
              \ ] + g:CtrlXA_Toggles

  autocmd FileType tex
              \ let b:CtrlXA_Toggles = [
              \ ['final', 'draft'],
              \ ['|', '\nmid'], ['=', '\neq'], \
              \ ['\leq', '\geq],
              \ ] + g:CtrlXA_Toggles

This will

- inherit the keyword cycles of the global variable override the cycling, and
- give precedence to the keyword cycles of the local variable.

The first two file-type specific keyword cycles are already included by default.

vim-CtrlXA is developed at https://github.com/Konfekt/vim-CtrlXA where issues can be filed.
install details
unzip vim-CtrlXA.zip into ~/.vim (respectivley %USERPROFILE/_vim in Microsoft Windows).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-CtrlXA.zip 1.2 2017-08-31 5.7 Enno Nagel allow for non-keyword characters
vim-CtrlXA.zip 1.1 2017-08-29 5.7 Enno Nagel Support file-type specific keyword cycles.
vim-CtrlXA.zip 1.0 2017-08-26 5.7 Enno Nagel Initial upload
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