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vim-mutt-aliases : complete e-mail addresses in Vim by those in your mutt aliases file

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Enno Nagel
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This plug-in lets you complete mutt aliases (listed in ~/.mutt/aliases) inside
Vim; useful when using Vim as editor for mutt (especially with $edit_headers).
(See also the shell script https://github.com/Konfekt/mutt-alias.sh to populate
the aliases file with recent e-mail addresses in your Inbox or Sent folder).

1. Usage

When you're editing a mail file in Vim that reads

    To: foo

and in your mutt aliases file there is an entry

    alias foo mister.foo@bar.com

and your cursor is right after foo, then hit Ctrl+X Ctrl+U to obtain:

    To: mister.foo@bar.com

2. Commands

The command :EditAliases opens the mutt aliases file in Vim.
(For less typing, you can (command-line) alias it to ea by vim-alias
at https://github.com/Konfekt/vim-alias)

To complete e-mail addresses inside Vim press CTRL-X CTRL-U in insert
mode. See :help i_CTRL-X_CTRL-U and :help compl-function.

3. Setup

The mutt aliases file is set by $alias_file in the file ~/.muttrc. To
explicitly set the path to a mutt aliases file $file, add to your .vimrc the line

  let g:muttaliases_file = '$file'

For example, $file could be


4. Related Programs and Plug-ins:

To add mut aliases for all e-mail addresses found in a mail folder, such as the INBOX,
there is the shell script https://github.com/Konfekt/mutt-alias ; best run by a, say weekly,

The plugin https://github.com/Konfekt/vim-mailquery lets you complete e-mail
addresses in Vim by those in your Inbox (or any other mail folder).

5. Credits

Forked from Lu Guanqun's vim-mutt-aliases-plugin at https://github.com/guanqun/vim-mutt-aliases-plugin/
after commit 063a7bdd0d852a118253278721f74a053776135d.

6. License

Distributable under the same terms as Vim itself.  See :help license.


This plug-in is developed at https://github.com/Konfekt/vim-mutt-aliases where issues can be filed.
install details
Unzip vim-mutt-aliases.zip into the folder ~/.vim on Linux and MacOS or %USERPROFILE%\vimfiles on Windows.

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