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Perl-Support : Perl IDE -- Insert code snippets, run and profile the code and look up help

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created by
Fritz Mehner
script type
Perl-Support is written to considerably speed up writing code in a consistent
style, as well as to help with other often performed tasks:

- insert various types of comments
- insert complete but empty statements (e.g. 'if {} else {}' )
- insert often used code snippets (e.g. declarations, the opening of files, .. )
- insert the names of file tests, character classes, special Perl-variables and POSIX-signals
- read, write, maintain your own code snippets in a separate directory
- ... which come in an extendible template library
- run scripts or run syntax check from within the editor
- show compilation errors in a quickfix window
- read perldoc for functions and modules
- run perltidy / run the profiler SmallProf
- test / explain regular expressions (needs Vim with Perl interface)

Some screen shots :  https://wolfgangmehner.github.io/vim-plugins/perlsupport.html

For plug-in managers :  https://github.com/WolfgangMehner/perl-support

The help file online :  https://wolfgangmehner.github.io/vim-plugins/doc/perlsupport.html

The key mappings of this plug-in :  https://wolfgangmehner.github.io/vim-plugins/perlsupport/perl-hot-keys.pdf

The installation explained :  "Make Vim as Your Perl-IDE Using perl-support Plugin"

This plug-in comes with a help file (perlsupport.txt). Read it with

    :help perlsupport


Editing actions differ for different modes! There are a lot of features which
can be configured or customized to match your needs.

Perl-Support is on GitHub:


(Please help us keep track of all the issues and name your report/request "Perl-Support: <title>")

Thank you for rating perl-support !
install details
Copy the zip archive perl-support.zip to $HOME/.vim/ or $VIM/vimfiles
(on the Windows platforms) and run
    unzip perl-support.zip
If you have already an older version of this plug-in and you have modified the
template files you may want to save your templates first or copy the files from
the archive by hand. See also the file README.md within the zip file.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
perl-support.zip 5.4 2016-08-27 7.3 Fritz Mehner - Add 'g:Perl_CustomTemplateFile'.
- Add template personalization file and setup wizard.
- Rename setting 'g:Perl_Perl' into 'g:Perl_Executable'.
  ('g:Perl_Perl' still works for backwards compatibility.)
- Respect 'g:Xterm_Executable' and 'g:Xterm_Options'.
  ('g:Perl_XtermDefaults' still works for backwards compatibility.)
- Remove unused 'g:Perl_GuiTemplateBrowser' and 'g:Perl_MenuHeader'.
- New and reworked templates.
- Change map "\vs" -> "\vps", in favor of a more consistent naming scheme.
- Minor changes.
perl-support.zip 5.3.2 2014-09-25 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Use Perl::Tags::Naive instead of Perl::Tags.
- Minor bugfixes.
- Fixed some templates.
perl-support.zip 5.3.1 2014-04-05 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Always load the newest version of the template engine available on 'runtimepath'.
perl-support.zip 5.3 2014-03-25 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Adjusting end-of-line comments improved.
- Bugfix: Map and menu entry 'Snippets->edit global templates'.
- 'Run -> make script executable' (\re) is now a toggle.
- Perl interpreter can be set in ~/.vimrc.
- Script can be run via shebang (new global variable g:Perl_DirectRun)
- Fixed problem with system-wide installations and plug-in managers (thanks to Yegor).
- Added 'Perl_SetMapLeader' and 'Perl_ResetMapLeader'.
- Bugfix: Resetting maplocalleader in filetype plug-in after setting it to the value of
- Bugfix: Better compatibility with custom mappings
  (use "normal!" and "noremap" consistently).
perl-support.zip 5.2 2013-11-16 7.0 Fritz Mehner - New global variable g:Perl_InsertFileHeader (suppress file description comment for new files).
- Two new ex commands: PerlScriptArguments, PerlSwitches
- Specifying command line arguments and Perl command line switches improved.
- Bugfix: g:Perl_LoadMenus now works.
- Bugfix: g:Perl_MapLeader now works.
- Bugfix: syntax check under 64-Bit MS-Windows now works.
- Some settings moved to the filetype plugin.
- Removed superfluous settings from the filetype plugin.
- Integration of Make moved into the toolbox.
- Minor improvements.
perl-support.zip 5.1 2012-06-01 7.0 Fritz Mehner - New menu items: 'choose makefile' (\rcm), 'make clean' (\rmc)
- Bugfix: g:Perl_LocalTemplateFile ignored if present (thanks to Sébastien Nobili)
- Bugfix: debugger do not start in console mode
- Several internal improvements.
perl-support.zip 5.0.1 2012-04-21 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Bugfix: resolve home for linked home directories
- Bugfix: ":make" and ":!make" no longer affect each other.
- Bugfix: S-F1 not working for module list.
- Several internal improvements.
perl-support.zip 5.0 2012-04-09 7.0 Fritz Mehner ++ The plug-in version 5.0+ is a rewriting of version 4.15 based on a new and more powerful template system.
++  The template syntax has changed!

- New template system (many thanks to Wolfgang Mehner)
- A few new hotkeys and menu item.
- A few hotkeys and menu items renamed.
perl-support.zip 4.15 2012-02-14 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Two new plugin tags: LICENCE, ORGANIZATION.
- System-wide installation: minimal Template file for a user will automatically
  be added.
- Hotkeys \lcs, \ucs removed.
- Minor improvements.
perl-support.zip 4.14 2011-10-25 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Plugin loads faster: loading the templates is delayed until the first use.
- Plugin now works with pathogen.vim.
- Menus will always be generated (for the use with :emenu).
- Bugfix: no local templates available with a system-wide installation (thanks to Iain Arnell).
- Minor improvements.
perl-support.zip 4.13 2011-09-11 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Several hotkeys allow a range, e.g. '3\cl' (see help text and perl-hot-key.pdf).
- perltidy backup files optional.
- POD files have no longer filetype 'perl' (preserves proper syntyx highlighting).
- Running Perl as debugger (\rd, F9) uses Perl switches set with \rw (thanks to Sébastien Nobili).
- Minor improvements.
perl-support.zip 4.12 2011-06-23 7.0 Fritz Mehner - New: folding for the plugin list.
- New: hotkey \rpnh (browse NYTProf Html files).
- perltidy can be used as standard beautifier (commands "={motion}" ).
- perltidy writes backup files.
- perltidy error handling improved.
- Perl::Tags is disabled by default.
- Bugfix: the names of the CSV-files produced by Devel::NYTProf have changed.
- Bugfix: ddd not running from Vim under a display manager.
- Minor improvements.
perl-support.zip 4.11 2011-04-21 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Perl::Critic integration: severity and verbosity will be taken from the
configuration file if specified.
- Bugfix (Windows only): wrong quoting with command line parameters.
- Several minor improvements.
perl-support.zip 4.10 2011-02-26 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Bugfix: detection of a system-wide installation can fail.
- Minor improvements.
perl-support.zip 4.9 2010-12-15 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Windows: user and system installation.
- Integration of Perl::Tags reworked.
- Several minor bugfixes.
perl-support.zip 4.8 2010-05-31 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Hotkeys \$x, \@x and \%x renamed (to avoid conflicts when writing references).
- Bugfix, Regex-Tester: colouring matches shows an error message in a few cases.
perl-support.zip 4.7.1 2010-04-12 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Bugfixes: insertion of Posix classes from the menu not working properly.
- Bugfixes, Regex Tester: accented characters can be used.
- Bugfixes, Regex Tester: embedded Perl code can be used.
- Bugfixes: local installation looks like a system-wide installation in seldom cases.
perl-support.zip 4.7 2010-03-02 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Run make (+arguments) from the 'Run' menu; 2 additional hotkeys.
- Bugfix (Windows): syntax check does not catch error message if a closing
  brace is missing (thanks to Dave DelGreco for fixing this bug).
perl-support.zip 4.6.1 2010-01-25 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Bugfix (Vim, not gVim): screen isn't refreshing properly when using syntax
  check and a few other commands (thanks to Iain Arnell).
perl-support.zip 4.6 2009-12-28 7.0 Fritz Mehner - The profilers Devel::SmallProf and Devel::NYTProf can now be used under Windows.
- New profiler menu.
- New hotkeys for calling podchecker and the pod2xxx converter.
- Pathnames can contain blanks.
- Template completion: behavior of Ctrl-j improved.
- Template system: new attributes 'indent', 'noindent'
- Comment alignment improved.
- Bugfix (Windows). snippet directory unreachable.
- Minor improvements.

perl-support.zip 4.5 2009-10-04 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Profiler NYTProf: menu item and ex-command to start a html-viewer.
- New conversion: Pod to Pdf (if Pod::Pdf is installed).
- Perltidy,  v-mode: can be used in non-perl files (for embedded Perl).
- Bugfix: hotkey \ifu not working.
- Bugfix: running and starting the debugger causes error if working directory is not
  the directory of the current file.
- Bugfix: missing variable Perl_TimestampFormat.
- Minor improvements.
perl-support.zip 4.4 2009-07-03 7.0 Fritz Mehner - Hotkeys are shown in the menus.
- Four hotkeys renamed.
- Hardcopy (run menu) can print any buffer.
- Bugfix (Windows only): syntax check for files with pathnames containing blanks not working.
- Minor improvements.
perl-support.zip 4.3 2009-05-25 7.0 Fritz Mehner + File browser for code snippets and templates choosable (2 global variables).
+ Comments menu: adjustment of end-of-line comments further improved.
+ Bugfix: Error message when opening files and Perl::Tags is not installed.
perl-support.zip 4.2 2009-05-08 7.0 Fritz Mehner + Regex Analyser extended: check several regular expressions against several targets.
+ Regex Analyser extended: regular expressions with  match-time code evaluation possible.
+ Regex Analyser extended: g-modifier allowed; all matches will be shown.
+ Regex Analyser extended: qr/.../ can be picked up.
+ Comments menu: adjustment of end-of-line comments improved.
+ Statements menu: else block (key mapping \se).
+ Regex menu: new special variables (Perl 5.10)
+ Templates: handling of <SPLIT> improved.
+ Bugfix: Perl::Tags integration not working.
+ Minor improvements and bugfixes.
perl-support.zip 4.1.1 2009-04-15 7.0 Fritz Mehner + Bugfix (Windows only): templates will be loaded twice, generating a long list
  of error messages.
perl-support.zip 4.1 2009-03-16 7.0 Fritz Mehner + Additional plugin-tags (jump targets in templates): <+text+>, <-text->.
+ Additional mapping Ctrl-j : jump to these new targets.
+ Template-file: additional macro |STYLE| and IF-ENDIF-construct to easily
  choose between sets of templates.
+ SmallProf integration completely rewritten: hotspot report, report sortable.
+ FastProf and NYTProf integration.
+ Command completion for the command CriticSeverity.
+ Minor improvements and bugfixes.
perl-support.zip 4.0.2 2009-01-14 7.0 Fritz Mehner + Bugfix: 3 global variables without effect (format for date, time, year).
perl-support.zip 4.0.1 2009-01-02 7.0 Fritz Mehner + Bugfix: Error message in some functions that issue a prompt.
perl-support.zip 4.0 2008-12-19 7.0 Fritz Mehner + Completely new template system. Most menu items now user definable.
+ Plugin split into autoloadable modules (makes Vim startup faster).
+ Submenus for perlcritic severity and verbosity.
In consequence there are some obsolete files and global variables, and some new
files and hotkeys.
perl-support.zip 3.9.1 2008-11-27 7.0 Fritz Mehner + Bugfix: idiom 'open input file' not usable (thanks to Marcus Aßhauer for
  spotting and fixing it).
perl-support.zip 3.9 2008-11-24 7.0 Fritz Mehner + New item in menu Statements: elsif (shortcut \sei)
- Map leader for hotkeys now user definable: new global variable g:BASH_MapLeader
+ Specification of command line arguments (Run->cmd. line arg.): filename completion active.
perl-support.zip 3.8.1 2008-06-26 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Bugfix:  In insert mode and in non-empty lines.hotkeys beginning like references (e.g. \$ ) are now inactive.
perl-support.zip 3.8 2008-05-26 6.0 Fritz Mehner + New regular expression testing tool.
+ 'code->comment' and 'comment->code'  are replaced by a toggle: 'toggle comment'
+ 'explain regex' can use flags now.
+ 'run->settings'  shows the  Perl interface version.
+ Superfluous control characters for mode switching (menus, hotkeys) removed. Caused beeps.
+ Some minor improvements.
perl-support.zip 3.7 2008-01-02 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Regex analyser YAPE::Regex::Explain integrated (optional).
+ Bugfix: use correct pathnames under Cygwin.
+ Bugfix: always use the right perl executable to list the installed Perl modules.
+ Minor changes due to ctags, version 5.7.
+ Global variable g:Perl_PerlTags is no longer needed.
perl-support.zip 3.6.3 2007-07-31 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Changes to allow a system-wide installation.
perl-support.zip 3.6.2 2007-06-22 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Snippets can now be managed in the console mode.
+ Three new key mappings for snippets.
+ Bugfix: quitting the module list buffer no longer terminates the editor.
+ Documentation: section about optional dependencies added.
perl-support.zip 3.6.1 2007-06-14 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Support for Perl::Tags added (see the help file).
perl-support.zip 3.6 2007-05-30 6.0 Fritz Mehner + New command enables the alignment of line end comments (menu item, hotkey).
+ Idioms hotkeys renamed (better to remember).
+ Lot of new mappings for the insert mode.
+ The code for opening files or pipes can surround a marked area (v-mode).
+ Script pmdesc3 removes POD markup sequences now.
perl-support.zip 3.4 2007-02-15 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Adaption for 'perlcritic', version 1.03 . Interface improved.
+ Three new Ex commands to control 'perlcritic'.
+ Subdirectories rearranged.
+ Escaping special characters in filenames reworked (Unix,Windows).
perl-support.zip 3.3 2007-01-02 6.0 Fritz Mehner + One new and two improved mappings (\cs, \co, \cc).
+ All command mappings can be switched off by a global variable.
+ Bugfix: empty new file after removing the header template can't be closed.
+ Bugfix [Windows]: perlcritic messages are sometimes garbled (Thanks to Igor Prischepoff).
+ Bugfix : Tools entry missing when root menu not shown from the start.
perl-support.zip 3.2.2 2006-12-19 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Bugfix: wrong position when building regular expressions in visual mode at  the end of a line.
+ Bugfix [cygwin]: unnecessary error message when starting vim not gvim).
+ Perl keyword help (S-F1) improved.
+ Insertion and substitution from the menus protected against  non-plugin mappings.
perl-support.zip 3.2.1 2006-08-29 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Better adaption for 'perlcritic', version 0.19 .
+ Bugfix: key mappings \cb and \cn are working now.
perl-support.zip 3.2 2006-08-02 6.0 Fritz Mehner + New command and menu entry for commenting/uncommenting larger blocks of code.
+ Some POD statements now have a visual mode.
+ Setting the column for the start of line-end comments improved.
+ Mac OS X : circumvent a Vim bug which caused a crash when loading plugin version 3.1.
+ File syntax/perl.vim removed (but see help in perlsupport.txt).
perl-support.zip 3.1 2006-05-19 7.0 Fritz Mehner + Adaption for 'perlcritic', version 0.16 .
+ Bugfix: The profiler now gets the command line arguments of the script.
+ Minor bugfixes and improvements.
perl-support.zip 3.0 2006-04-18 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Adaption for Vim 7.
+ The hotkeys F9 and \rd now also starts the debugger (perl -d ..) if vim is running  without GUI.
+ Debugger starts correctly for scripts with command line arguments (Windows only).
+ Minor improvements.
perl-support.zip 2.9.2 2006-04-06 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Adaption for 'perlcritic', version 0.15 .
+ New template file for POD documentation files.
+ Minor bugs fixed and improvements.
perl-support.zip 2.9.1 2006-02-28 6.0 Fritz Mehner + New menu entry for setting perl command line switches (Thanks to Adam MacKinnon).
+ For files with extension 't' (Perl test files) the filetype is set to 'perl'. This
  allows syntax checking, reading help, and checking with perlcritic.
+ There is a new comment template file 'perl-test-header' which will be
  inserted at the beginning of a new test file (extension 't').
+ Comment after some POD directives removed (podchecker showed errors).
perl-support.zip 2.9 2006-01-31 6.0 Fritz Mehner + perlcritic integrated. Runs like a compiler. Opens a quickfix error window.<br>
+ Help menu entry added (plugin help).
+ A hardcopy shows date and time in the header line.
+ open file/pipe idioms according to Conway's "Perl Best Practices".
+ POSIX class [:blank:] added.
+ Bugfix: Wrong cursor positon in hash idiom.
+ Plugin can be used with autocompletion for (, [, and { .
perl-support.zip 2.8.2 2005-11-23 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Bugfix: Starting perltidy called a wrong function.
perl-support.zip 2.8.1 2005-11-18 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Bugfix: Some key mappings not working/not properly working (Thanks to Edward Wijaya).
+ Bugfix: Unnecessary message 'Made file executable' removed (Thanks to Edward Wijaya).
+ Bugfix: Wrong quoting for script arguments fixed; Windows only (Thanks to Norin Raad).
perl-support.zip 2.8 2005-11-03 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Podchecker integrated. Runs like a compiler. Opens a quickfix error window.
+ Script will be made executable before running it (e.g. after a "Save As...").
+ Many blanks in 2 POD templates removes which garbled the resulting documents (bugfix).
+ Message now visible if SmallProf is not runable (bugfix).
perl-support.zip 2.7 2005-10-19 6.0 Fritz Mehner + POD: \"invisible POD\" added (as suggested in Conway's book \"Perl Best Practices\").<br>
+ POD: sequence insertion improved; '<E>' added; '=for' added.<br>
+ <S-F1> (read perldoc) now works only for filetype 'perl' .<br>
+ Some idioms improved (e.g. opening files, subroutine stub).<br>
+ Added ':' to the keyword characters; recognizes tokens like 'Net::Cmd' as one keyword.<br>
+ Perltidy integration made safer.<br>
+ Starting an xterm was not possible with some installations (bugfix).
perl-support.zip 2.6 2005-07-01 6.0 Fritz Mehner + blocks: opening brace no longer on a new line (adjustable for backward compatibility).
+ Vim (without GUI): new key mappings: all entries in the run menu do have mappings now.
+ Vim (without GUI): perldoc can be read with hotkeys \h and \rp .
+ Vim (without GUI): perldoc displays docs using plain text converter.+ output into buffer: cursor goes to top of file.
+ trailing ^M in perldoc window will be removed (UNIX/Linux).
+ output into buffer: cursor goes to top of file.
perl-support.zip 2.5 2005-04-18 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Windows support. Most features are now available under Windows.
+ Spaces in path and file names are now possible (Windows and UNIX).
+ Reading documentation with perldoc improved.
+ Minor bugs fixed and improvements.
perl-support.zip 2.4.1 2005-03-02 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Run the profiler SmallProf from the menu; save different results with time stamps.
+ Line end comments start in a fixed column now (can be set from the menu).
+ Recommended settings for ctags corrected (Thanks to William McKee).
+ Perl module list generator pmdesc3 again slightly improved.
perl-support.zip 2.4 2004-12-12 6.0 Fritz Mehner + One of three debuggers can be started with the hotkey F9.
+ Complete file or marked area can be reformatted with perltidy.
+ Run a perl-script:
  (1) The script can be run from the command line.
  (2) The output can be directed into a window with name "Perl-Output".
  (3) The script can be run in an xterm (adjustable).
+ The new hotkey Shift-F9 and the menu entry "cmd. line arg." set command line
  arguments for the current buffer.
+ A code snippet with the file name extension "ni" or "noindent" will not be
  indented on insertion.
+ Bug fixed (POD->Text)
perl-support.zip 2.3.2 2004-11-05 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Perl module list generator pmdesc3 improved (no double entries, no control
   characters in version numbers, handles DOS-teminated files correctly).
+ Looking up help with Shift-F1 now works also in the perldoc help buffer.
+ Running a Perl-script now opens a window with name "Perl-Output" to display
  the script output. The buffer and its content will disappear when closing
  the window.

perl-support.zip 2.3 2004-10-14 6.0 Fritz Mehner + There is now at most one help window/buffer.
+ There is now at most one Perl module list window/buffer.
+ The perldoc help will now search in FAQs too;
   search order :  modules - functions - FAQs.
+ Template files and snippet files are no longer kept in the list of alternate files.
+ A bug fixed in the Perl module list generator pmdesc3.
perl-support.zip 2.2 2004-10-05 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Better adaption to the Windows plattforms (default directories, running scripts).
+ Templates are more consistent now.
+ 'Line End Comments' ignores blank lines in a marked block.
perl-support.zip 2.1 2004-06-26 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Installation simplified.
+ The generation of the module list is a magnitude faster.
+ The version of a module is now shown in the module list.
+ The perl documentation (pod::perl*) appears in the module list.
+ The dialog windows (GUI) have been replaced by more flexible command line inputs.
+ User will now be asked before a snippet file will be overwritten.
+ The undocumented and unnecessary hot key F12 has been removed.
perl-support.zip 2.0 2004-05-12 6.0 Fritz Mehner + New menu for regex-construction.
+ New menu with POD commands.
+ A list of all installed Perl modules can be built and read in.
  The documentation for a module can be opened from this list.
+ Extension to ctags + taglist shows POD table of content and enables navigation.
+ Append aligned comments to all lines of a marked block.
+ The root menu can be removed.
+ Documentation improved.
+ Bug fix (template file handling).
+ Install script improved.
perl-support.zip 1.9.2 2003-08-04 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Only one entry in the gVim root menu.
+ All hotkeys are only defined for Perl files.
+ Install script added.
+ Customization improved.
+ Documentation improved.

perl-support.zip 1.9 2003-07-15 6.0 Fritz Mehner + 58 key mappings for Vim without GUI.  See perl-hot-keys.pdf  (reference card).
+ A marked region can be surrounded by a for-, if-, do-while- , until-, ...   statements (with indentation).
+ The Perl special variables have been added to the file word.list  for dictionary completion.
+ Vim doc added (file perlsupport.txt).
perl-support.zip 1.8 2003-05-31 6.0 Fritz Mehner Tag substitution rewritten (Some characters in a substitution text for a tag
  prevented the tag from being substituted).
perl-support.zip 1.7 2003-04-26 6.0 Fritz Mehner + Block comments are now read as templates or skeletons from files:
      frame Comment,  function description,  file header
+ These templates can contain tags like |FILENAME|, |AUTHOR| etc. which are replaced  after reading.
+ indentation: multiline inserts and code snippets will be indented after insertion.
+ Most menu entries are now also active in normal mode.
+ Reading the templates is done in one function which can be called in an autocmd.
+ Code cleanup: register z no longer used. Most function calls are silent now.
perl-support.vim 1.6 2003-02-07 6.0 Fritz Mehner Initial upload
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