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dsf.vim : Delete surrounding function call

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Andrew Radev
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The plugin defines a mapping to delete a surrounding function call (or something similar to one), even if it happens to be namespaced. Some examples:

    nested(function_call(cursor_here))   -> nested(cursor_here)
    nested(cursor_here(chewy_center))    -> cursor_here(chewy_center)
    One::Two.new([cursor_here])          -> [cursor_here]
    One::Two.new(Hash[cursor_here])      -> One::Two.new(cursor_here)
    SomeStruct{cursor_here: "Something"} -> cursor_here: "Something"

By pressing `dsf` (which stands for "delete surrounding function call") with the cursor on `cursor_here`, you get the result on the right.

The plugin also defines `csf` to "change surrounding function call", which deletes only the function itself and leaves the cursor waiting to enter a new name.

The plugin also defines text objects for `if` and `af` to manipulate function calls with their contents. Given this example:

    var result = function_call(one, two);

Typing `daf` ("a function call") with the cursor anywhere on `function_call(one, two)` would result in:

    var result = ;

Typing `dif` ("inner function call") with the cursor anywhere on `function_call(one, two)` would result in:

    var result = function_call();

To learn more about how text objects work, try `:help text-objects`.

If you'd like to set your own mappings, instead of using the built-ins, simply set the variable `g:dsf_no_mappings` to `1` and use the <Plug> mappings provided by the plugin:

    let g:dsf_no_mappings = 1

    nmap dsf <Plug>DsfDelete
    nmap csf <Plug>DsfChange

    omap af <Plug>DsfTextObjectA
    xmap af <Plug>DsfTextObjectA
    omap if <Plug>DsfTextObjectI
    xmap if <Plug>DsfTextObjectI

Change any of the left-hand sides of the `map` calls to whatever you'd like.
install details
The easiest way to install the plugin is with a plugin manager:

- vim-plug: https://github.com/junegunn/vim-plug
- Vundle:   https://github.com/VundleVim/Vundle.vim

If you use one, just follow the instructions in its documentation.

You can install the plugin yourself using Vim's "packages" functionality by cloning the project (or adding it as a submodule) under `~/.vim/pack/<any-name>/start/`. For example:

    git clone https://github.com/AndrewRadev/dsf.vim ~/.vim/pack/_/start/dsf

This should automatically load the plugin for you on Vim start. Alternatively, you can add it to `~/.vim/pack/<any-name>/opt/` instead and load it in your .vimrc manually with:

    packadd dsf

If you'd rather not use git, you can download the files from the "releases" tab and unzip them in the relevant directory: https://github.com/AndrewRadev/dsf.vim/releases.

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dsf.zip 0.1.0 2019-06-07 7.4 Andrew Radev Initial upload
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