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user name andrewradev
first name Andrew
last name Radev
email andreyradevgmailcom
homepage http://andrewradev.com
registered Vim
user or sponsor
no, or user has chosen to conceal his donation

Script Contributions

splitjoin.vim A plugin that helps with switching between single-line and multiline code
linediff.vim Perform an interactive diff on two blocks of text
tagfinder.vim A simple vim plugin to look for tags of specific kinds: classes, functions, etc.
simple_bookmarks.vim Named bookmarks, storing both filename and cursor position
inline_edit.vim Edit code that's embedded within other code
sideways.vim Move function arguments (and other delimited-by-something items) left and right
switch.vim Switch segments of text with predefined replacements
vim-eco Eco support for Vim
multichange.vim Edit a word and have the change propagate throughout the buffer
whitespaste.vim Automatically adjust blank lines when pasting
writable_search.vim Perform a grep and edit the results directly
ember_tools.vim Tools for working with ember.js projects
gnugo.vim Play a game of Go in your text editor, using GnuGo
undoquit.vim Undo a :quit -- reopen the last window you closed
tagalong Change an HTML(ish) opening tag and take the closing one along as well
dsf.vim Delete surrounding function call
deleft.vim Delete a wrapping if-clause, try-catch block, etc. and shift left.
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