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deleft.vim : Delete a wrapping if-clause, try-catch block, etc. and shift left.

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Andrew Radev
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This plugin allows you to delete wrapping if-clauses, try-catch blocks, and similar constructs. For example:

    <div class="container">
      <a href="#">Something</a>

Executing the :Deleft command or using the provided "dh" mapping on the container div results in just:

    <a href="#">Something</a>

So, the mapping/command deletes the opening and closing HTML tag and shifts the code to the left (hence the name "deleft", from "delete left").

Note that "dh" is a built-in mapping, but it's a synonym to "x", so I'm okay with overwriting it. Set "g:deleft_mapping" to "" (or whatever else you like) to avoid this.

The plugin attempts to use the extended match definitions from "matchit". In ruby, for instance, the "matchit.vim" (built-in) plugin lets you jump between any related `if`/`elsif`/`else`/`end` lines:

    if one?
    elsif two?

Delefting the if-clause will also remove all other else-like lines, anything that the matchit plugin jumps to, as long as it's at the same level of indent, leaving you with just this:


Please read the built-in documentation for settings and additional informaiton.
install details
The easiest way to install the plugin is with a plugin manager:

- vim-plug: https://github.com/junegunn/vim-plug
- Vundle:   https://github.com/VundleVim/Vundle.vim

If you use one, just follow the instructions in its documentation.

You can install the plugin yourself using Vim's "packages" functionality by cloning the project (or adding it as a submodule) under `~/.vim/pack/<any-name>/start/`. For example:

    git clone https://github.com/AndrewRadev/deleft.vim ~/.vim/pack/_/start/deleft

This should automatically load the plugin for you on Vim start. Alternatively, you can add it to `~/.vim/pack/<any-name>/opt/` instead and load it in your .vimrc manually with:

    packadd deleft

If you'd rather not use git, you can download the files from the "releases" tab and unzip them in the relevant directory: https://github.com/AndrewRadev/deleft.vim/releases.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
deleft.zip 0.1.1 2021-02-18 7.4 Andrew Radev - Load matchit dependency if it's not loaded
- Implement python fallback
deleft.zip 0.1.0 2021-02-15 7.4 Andrew Radev Initial upload
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