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vim-cpywrite : Generate copyright headers for any open source license

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created by
Robert Di Pardo
script type
Pass a license identifier to the :CPYwrite command and it will insert the
standard header, if available, at the top of the current buffer.

When g:cpywrite#verbatim_mode is off, licenses with no standard header will
be acknowledged below your author line. Turn on g:cpywrite#verbatim_mode to
use the full license text instead.

When g:cpywrite#machine_readable is on, license and copyright are formatted
for easier parsing by a validation tool like reuse (https://reuse.readthedocs.io).

This plugin learns your name and email by invoking `git`; it falls back to
your OS user and host names.

Quick Reference
:CPYwrite [{spdx_short_name}]

Fetches the license identified by `spdx_short_name` (without quotes)
-- uses the current value of `g:cpywrite#default_license` when no argument is
given -- supports <tab> completion


Toggles the state of the g:cpywrite#preserve_shebangs option and prints a
description of the current state:

    0 == "overwrite"
    1 == "preserve existing"

:CPYwriteDefaultLicense [{spdx_short_name}]

Sets g:cpywrite#default_license to the given SPDX license identifier (without
quotes) and prints the updated value. Use <tab> for name completion.

Simply prints g:cpywrite#default_license when called with no argument.


Toggles the state of the g:cpywrite#verbatim_mode option and prints a
description of the current state:

    0 == "standard header/brief"
    1 == "verbatim"


Toggles the state of the g:cpywrite#machine_readable option and prints a
description of the current state:

    0 == "descriptive"
    1 == "machine readable"


Toggles the state of the g:cpywrite#hide_filename option and prints a
description of the current state:

    0 == "showing"
    1 == "hidden"


Toggles the state of the g:cpywrite#no_anonymous option and prints a
description of the current state:

    0 == "Public Domain only"
    1 == "never" // meaning, "always state the copyright holder"


Does the same as calling :CPYwrite with no argument


Maps to <Plug>(cpywrite)

g:cpywrite#default_license (string; default: 'Apache-2.0')

Set this to the SPDX identifier of your favourite license. Press <tab> after
the :CPYwriteDefaultLicense or :CPYwrite command for suggestions.

g:cpywrite#preserve_shebangs (number; default: 1)

When set to a non-zero value, the license header is inserted after any shebang
line: `#! . . .`, or encoding directive: `# -*- coding: . . . -*-`

When set to 0, shebangs and encoding directives will be overwritten. A template
shebang line is inserted at the top of perl, python, and shell script files.

g:cpywrite#verbatim_mode (number; default: 0)

When set to a non-zero value, the full license text will be requested, whether
or not a standard header exists. You should only choose this when the license
is no longer than 3-4 paragraphs (e.g. Unlicense, MIT, BSD 1- 2- 3-Clause, etc.)

When set to 0, only standard headers are requested. Licenses with no standard
header will be briefly mentioned below your copyright line.

g:cpywrite#no_anonymous (number; default: 0)

this option has no effect when g:cpywrite#machine_readable is on

When set to a non-zero value, copyright information is never omitted, even if
the license implies a Public Domain grant.

When set to 0, a copyright will not appear above Public-Domain-licenses.

g:cpywrite#machine_readable (number; default: 0)

this option overrides g:cpywrite#verbatim_mode and g:cpywrite#no_anonymous

When set to a non-zero value, the license and copyright statement are
formatted as tags, for example:

  # __main__.py
  # SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2020 Jane Doe <jane@example.com>
  # SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later

In this mode, copyright information is never omitted, regardless of how
g:cpywrite#no_anonymous has been set, e.g.

   * main.js
   * SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2020 John Doe <john@example.com>
   * SPDX-License-Identifier: Unlicense

When set to 0, the license format will be a standard header, or full text,
depending on how g:cpywrite#verbatim_mode is set. A copyright statement
may also be left out if g:cpywrite#no_anonymous is 0 and the chosen
license is a Public Domain license.

g:cpywrite#hide_filename (number; default: 0)

When set to a non-zero value, hides the name of the current buffer from the
license header in all modes. Otherwise, the buffer's name will appear on the
first line.

Testing Locally
  * install vader.vim (vimscript #4832) into your runtime path

  * alternatively, run `git clone https://github.com/junegunn/vader.vim.git` and
    edit `test/vimrc` by changing

     set rtp+=vader.vim


     set rtp+=/path/to/cloned/source/of/vader.vim

  * change directories into /your/plugin/path/vim-cpywrite

  * issue these commands:

     pip install -r test/requirements.txt
     pytest -v
     vim -ENsu test/vimrc -c '+Vader! test/vader/**' > /dev/null

install details
Make sure your environment has the requirements listed at https://github.com/rdipardo/vim-cpywrite#requirements

python 3.10 requires neovim 0.6.0 or newer;
all vim versions from 7.4 and up should be compatible

For a detailed installation guide, refer to https://github.com/rdipardo/vim-cpywrite#installation

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-cpywrite-0.7.0.tar.gz 0.7 2022-01-11 7.4 Robert Di Pardo Fix missing copyright in GPL v1 and 2 headers; use the `&syntax` property to improve detection of dotfiles, makefiles, and scripts; add support for reStructuredText, YAML, and more
vim-cpywrite-0.6.0.tar.gz 0.6 2021-10-02 7.4 Robert Di Pardo New option to format license and copyright as machine readable tags (REUSE compatible), support for DOS Batch files
vim-cpywrite-0.5.0.tar.gz 0.5.0 2021-07-03 7.4 Robert Di Pardo Support three new file types, insert header after [X|HT]ML metadata
vim-cpywrite-0.4.0.tar.gz 0.4.0 2021-05-25 7.4 Robert Di Pardo - include recent additions to the SPDX License List
- drop the deprecated FreeBSD variant of the BSD 2-Clause License
- change default license
vim-cpywrite-0.3.4.tar.gz 0.3.4 2021-04-04 7.4 Robert Di Pardo Handle missing emails, fix regex bugs, reduce plugin size
vim-cpywrite-0.3.0.tar.gz 0.3.0 2020-10-12 7.4 Robert Di Pardo Provide option to hide buffer name in license header, support for more file types
vim-cpywrite-0.2.1.tar.gz 0.2.1 2020-08-17 7.4 Robert Di Pardo Support more file types, detect public domain licenses
vim-cpywrite.tar.gz 0.1.0 2020-06-13 7.4 Robert Di Pardo Initial upload
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