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svncommand.vim : Subversion (svn) integration plugin

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Adam Lazur
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This is no longer maintained. See vcscommand vimscript #90 for a suitable replacement.

This is almost a straight port of cvscommand.vim to support subversion. There's some stuff hacked out, some stuff hacked in, and a lot of s/CVS/SVN/g going on.

Current support is for single file type ops, just like cvscommand.vim. The commandset available is basically: status, info, update, revert, diff, annotate, commit, add, log, vimdiff, review. It can also parse a svn commit buffer and execute a diff based on that (you'll have to setup a mapping for SVNCommitDiff to do this).

There is no support for properties, operating on whole directories, or anything super advanced.

As of 1.67.3 there is limited svk (http://svk.elixus.org) support via the SVNCommandAutoSVK. Useful stuff like diff and log work okay, the rest is YMMV for now.
install details
plop svncommand.vim in ~/.vim/plugin and away you go. Read the script for things that can be customized out of the box. Hack the script to do whatever else you want.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
svncommand-1.67.3.tar.gz 1.67.3 2005-04-18 6.0 Adam Lazur - fix svn info (doh!)
- add quick hack svk support via SVNCommandAutoSVK variable
svncommand-1.67.2.tar.gz 1.67.2 2005-04-17 6.0 Adam Lazur     - re-added SVNInfo which got reverted in previous version
    - pass -v to "svn status" for SVNStatus()
    - add SVNCommitDiff for grabbing a diff from the files listed in svn-commit.tmp
svncommand-1.67.1.tar.gz 1.67.1 2005-04-16 6.0 Adam Lazur - updated to match version 1.67 cvscommand.vim
- included svn commit and svnlog syntax highlighting
svncommand.vim 2 2004-02-25 6.0 Adam Lazur added svn info support
svncommand.vim 1 2004-02-25 6.0 Adam Lazur Initial upload
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