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russian-phonetic_utf-8.vim : "Phonetic" Cyrillic keymap

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created by
Antoine Mechelynck
script type
A "phonetic" keymap for Cyrillic, for use under UTF-8 encoding.

This is the keymap I use when I type Russian in gvim; it may or may not suit you. For instance, it uses several "dead keys" which might take some getting used to. Or you might want to use it as a starting point, then alter it to suit your tastes.

See also, among others
    :help 'keymap'
    :help keymap-file-format
    vimtip #246
    vimscript #789

and for a Bulgarian keymap (no ery, no eh-oborotnoye) using a slightly different but similar approach, see vimscript#1109

Version history:

2004-10-17    1.1     Enhancement: combining acute accent added
                                  (for explicit stress, e.g. bólshaya "bigger" vs. bolsháya "big")
2004-03-01    1.01    Bugfix: Normal mode version of mapping
2004-02-29    1.0     Initial release
install details
Just drop this file into $VIM/vimfiles/keymap (for system-wide availability) or into ~/.vim/keymap [on Unix] or ~/vimfiles/keymap [on Windows] (for private use by a single user).

This keymap changes the cursor color to bright red when it is active; to change that, or disable it, change or comment-out the line (near the top) setting the lCursor highlight.

There are three other lines you may want to change: mappings defining the <F8> key to toggle the keymap on or off in all modes including Normal. (My Belgian keyboard doesn't AFAIK include a Ctrl-^ key.) Change the {lhs} to anything that suits you, or comment them away.

Happy Vimming!

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
russian-phonetic_utf-8.vim 1.1 2004-10-17 6.0 Antoine Mechelynck Enhancement: combining acute accent added (for explicit stress).
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