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Script Type Rating Down
JavaScript syntax syntax 1609 44127 Better JavaScrirpt syntax support
jQuery syntax 299 19764 Syntax file for jQuery
xhtml.vim syntax 228 4267 XHTML syntax highlighting
Enhanced Javascript syntax syntax 119 5363 Improved Highlight for Ajax, DOM and Browser Objects, Methods and Properties
vim-javascript syntax 117 1838 New maintained version of vim-javascript
Syntax for XUL syntax 92 1531 Highlighting for XML User interface Language.
XSLT syntax syntax 39 3517 Syntax for XSLT (with HTML and others)
vim-es6 syntax 36 1627 List of JavaScript ES6 snippets and syntax highlighting for vim.
JavaScript Libraries Syntax syntax 29 4228 Syntax for popular JavasSript libs
xbl.vim syntax 26 900 Syntax highlighting for Extensible Binding Language (XBL)
YAJS: Yet Another JavaScript Syntax syntax 22 4610 Yet Another JavaScript Syntax file for Vim
javascript.vim syntax 14 1455 powerful javascript syntax
vim-lamdify syntax 14 1357 Conceals lambdas as lambda characters in various languages
vim-bemhtml syntax 6 651 Syntax for bemhtml template language
asp.net syntax 3 488 with javascript support
javascript.vim syntax 2 1121 JavaScript with ASP.NET support
javascript.vim syntax 2 905 javascript highlight
Jifty syntax syntax 2 1461 syntax file for jifty web framework
js-mask syntax 1 747 More concise JavaScript using Vim's "conceal" feature
JavaScript syntax (add E4X support) syntax 0 756 Fix highlighting on E4X (CDATA) blocks
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