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Script Type Rating Down
vim-sourcer utility 1 15 Several new commands for sourcing vimscript files
eclipse-lite color scheme 0 24 a vim scheme appears to eclipse
note.vim syntax 0 14 A syntax highlighting for general text notes
R4vim utility 0 14 Plugin to work with R scripts.
vim-fileHeader utility 0 36 add information about source file at head of file
GVFilter.vim utility 0 19 VIm plugin to filter current buffer by given arguments, like :g or :v
vnote ftplugin 0 17 A dairy or note edit and manage tool in vim
vimloo utility 0 12 Write VimL Script in an Object Orient Style
Agrep utility 1 33 Asynchronous grep plugin for Vim
bargreybars.vim utility 0 22 remove gray bars from maximised gvim windows, on Windows
nonclobbering-shift utility 0 27 Visual shift without clobbering formatting
visual-search utility 0 38 Search for or only within visual selection
dubs-midnight color scheme 0 117 An other member of the dubs color scheme family
gina.vim utility 28 50 Asynchronously control git repositories in Neovim/Vim 8
doctabs utility 0 67 A plugin to manage large files
verilog-support.vim utility 0 39 Verilog IDE -- Insert UVM & SystemVerilog code snippets, classes, comment, etc
add-git-managed-file-to-buffer.vim utility 0 65 Add files that are changed, modifiled, untracked in git to the buffer.
workbook utility 0 51 Notebook-like interaction with R etc.
autopack utility 4 37 Load optional packs by command, map, filetype etc.
vim-indentguides syntax 8 49 Simple indentation guides for your buffers
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