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Searched scripts for "cvs" Showing 1 to 20 of 41 results
Script Type Rating Down
vcscommand.vim utility 3628 61222 CVS/SVN/SVK/git/hg/bzr integration plugin
DirDiff.vim utility 1991 17764 A plugin to diff and merge two directories recursively.
grep.vim utility 1007 44749 Grep search tools integration with Vim
svncommand.vim utility 779 11775 Subversion (svn) integration plugin
cvsmenu.vim utility 537 14283 Menu for CVS-Versioncontrol
savevers.vim utility 195 5187 Automatically save and diff multiple, sequentially numbered revisions (like VMS)
cvsmenu.vim (updated) utility 137 6662 CVS(NT) integration plugin (Script #58 continued since 2005)
rubycomplete.vim utility 135 6890 ruby omni-completion
svndiff utility 127 4399 Shows colored signs in buffer indicating diff with original svn/git file,
writebackup utility 78 3476 Write backups of current file with date file extension.
cvsvimdiff utility 71 3873 cvs diff + vimdiff
cvsdiff.vim utility 69 1172 visual cvs diff utility for vim diffsplit, horizontal or vertical
CVSconflict utility 67 1891 CVS conflict resolution using vimdiff
iptables syntax 67 2828 iptables-save/restore syntax highlighter
vim7-install.sh utility 60 4684 {download + build + install} latest vim7.1 from svn sources in 1 command.
SCMDiff utility 60 1049 Highlight changed lines in a file via SCM diff command
writebackupVersionControl utility 44 3026 Version control functions (diff, restore, history) for writebackup backups.
Conflict2Diff utility 43 1199 Turns a CVS conflict file into a threeway diff
lighttpd syntax syntax 39 1466 syntax highlighting for lighttpd config files
patchreview.vim utility 37 3313 Plugin for single or multipatch code reviews and workspace change/diff reviews
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