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Script Type Rating Down
LaTeX-Suite (aka Vim-LaTeX) ftplugin 962 8476 A rich set of tools for editing LaTeX
AutomaticLaTeXPlugin ftplugin 626 106606 Background compilation, completion, bib serch, toc and other nice features.
auctex.vim ftplugin 476 9878 macros for latex
WOIM.vim ftplugin 471 3811 WOIM outliner (replaced by HyperList: Script# 4006)
LaTeX Box ftplugin 163 5655 Lightweight Toolbox for LaTeX
R.vim ftplugin 155 4545 Send R code from a VIM buffer to R
TeX-9 ftplugin 88 1869 A semi-automatic LaTeX ftplugin with lots of firepower!
tex_autoclose.vim ftplugin 60 2290 TeX / LaTeX ftplugin to automatically close environments
unilatex.vim ftplugin 51 2171 display LaTeX symbols as unicode while editing
TeX-PDF ftplugin 41 2338 Lightweight
tex.vim ftplugin 39 5534 an updated version of the standard ftplugin/tex.vim
drcstubs ftplugin 24 1398 Imaps to provide active stubs  (currently: c, LaTeX, sh, vim)
utf8-math ftplugin 23 899 Keyboard shortcuts for math UTF-8 symbols
LaTeX functions ftplugin 19 1615 Functions and mappings for editing LaTeX documents.
vim-pandoc ftplugin 19 765 a plugin for writing in pandoc's extended markdown
TabLaTeX ftplugin 12 1075 A small and simple script for writing LaTeX documents
tex_mini.vim ftplugin 8 426 facilitates the preparation of LaTeX documents in vim
vim-compile ftplugin 5 395 Yet another compile plugin for vim
tex_AutoKeymap ftplugin 4 223 Vim Tex / LaTeX ftplugin to automatically change keymap (language)
xml_taginsert ftplugin 2 551 Insert xml tags by pressing <F7>
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