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bash-support.vim utility 706 27678 BASH IDE -- Write and run BASH-scripts using menus and hotkeys.
indent/python.vim indent 1647 26904 An alternative indentation script for python
peaksea color scheme 956 26853 Refined color, contains both gui and cterm256 for dark and light background
Vimball utility 238 26282 vim-based archiver: builds, extracts, and previews
dbext.vim utility 1142 26047 Provides database access to many DBMS (Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft, MySQL, DBI,..)
EnhCommentify.vim utility 1787 24877 comment lines in a program
mru.vim utility 1058 24347 Plugin to manage Most Recently Used (MRU) files
SuperTab utility 1120 23940 Do all your insert-mode completion with Tab!
closetag.vim utility 952 23751 Functions and mappings to close open HTML/XML tags
oceandeep color scheme 1087 23659 dark colorscheme, pleasant, mainly blue and blueish-green
Colortest utility 401 23408 xterm 256 color test and visual colors list
Wombat color scheme 1129 22936 Dark gray color scheme sharing some similarities with Desert
pyflakes.vim ftplugin 902 22254 PyFlakes on-the-fly Python code checking
wombat256.vim color scheme 447 21855 Wombat for 256 color xterms
ShowMarks utility 650 21776 Visually shows the location of marks.
TeTrIs.vim game 998 21614 A tetris game in pure vim
desert256.vim color scheme 263 21505 A slightly-modified desert theme, for 88- and 256-color xterms.
pyte color scheme 2117 20978 A clean, light (nearly white) theme
inkpot color scheme 658 20404 Inkpot, a dark scheme for GUI and 88/256 colour terms
cppcomplete utility 265 20342 C/C++ and Java code completion
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