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Script Type Rating Down
clang complete utility 1759 24940 Use of Clang for completing C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++
ShowMarks utility 695 24900 Visually shows the location of marks.
jellybeans.vim color scheme 618 24828 Colorful, dark color scheme
javacomplete ftplugin 710 24522 Omni Completion for JAVA
Command-T utility 862 24434 Fast file navigation for VIM
Lucius color scheme 719 24291 Light and dark color scheme for GUI and 256 color terminal.
TeTrIs.vim game 1098 24069 A tetris game in pure vim
xoria256.vim color scheme 460 23497 Soft pastel gamma on dark background, same appearence in {,g}vim
netrw.vim utility 940 23368 Network oriented reading, writing, and browsing (keywords: netrw ftp scp)
Visual Mark utility 206 23297 Visual mark, similar to UltraEdit's bookmark
Source Explorer (SrcExpl) utility 1382 23076 the Source code Explorer which works like the context window of "Source Insight"
DoxygenToolkit.vim utility 536 22986 Simplify Doxygen documentation in C, C++, Python.
twilight color scheme 246 22280 A clone of Textmates twilight scheme
Nvim-R ftplugin 1042 22224 Plugin to work with R
DrawIt! utility 1199 22183 Ascii drawing plugin: lines, ellipses, arrows, fills, and more!
inkpot color scheme 712 22145 Inkpot, a dark scheme for GUI and 88/256 colour terms
xml.vim ftplugin 392 22004 helps editing xml (and [x]html, sgml, xslt) files
cppcomplete utility 267 21827 C/C++ and Java code completion
multvals.vim utility 102 21727 Array library that uses patterns as separators
AutoClose utility 1169 21418 Inserts matching bracket, paren, brace or quote
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