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Script Type Rating Down
cppcomplete utility 266 20510 C/C++ and Java code completion
Command-T utility 766 20193 Fast file navigation for VIM
moria color scheme 593 19933 A color scheme for GUI supposed to be highly readable
multvals.vim utility 102 19562 Array library that uses patterns as separators
neocomplcache utility 1150 19531 Ultimate auto completion system for Vim
netrw.vim utility 874 19243 Network oriented reading, writing, and browsing (keywords: netrw ftp scp)
Lucius color scheme 615 19184 Light and dark color scheme for GUI and 256 color terminal.
xml.vim ftplugin 360 19009 helps editing xml (and [x]html, sgml, xslt) files
matrix.vim game 894 18988 Matrix screensaver for VIM
VimClojure ftplugin 611 18522 A filetype, syntax and indent plugin for Clojure
xoria256.vim color scheme 399 18385 Soft pastel gamma on dark background, same appearence in {,g}vim
javacomplete ftplugin 646 18342 Omni Completion for JAVA
DoxygenToolkit.vim utility 456 18215 Simplify Doxygen documentation in C, C++, Python.
DrawIt! utility 1083 18083 Ascii drawing plugin: lines, ellipses, arrows, fills, and more!
Visual Mark utility 199 18068 Visual mark, similar to UltraEdit's bookmark
AutoClose utility 1041 17951 Inserts matching bracket, paren, brace or quote
code_complete utility 1603 17775 function parameter complete, code snippets, and much more.
clang complete utility 1565 17518 Use of Clang for completing C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++
Source Explorer (SrcExpl) utility 1323 17441 the Source code Explorer which works like the context window of "Source Insight"
YankRing.vim utility 900 17416 Maintains a history of previous yanks, changes and deletes
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