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robcolors color scheme -1 366 Color scheme by Robert Nowtniak
true-monochrome color scheme 29 379 This is a true black/grey/white theme for vim.
PaperColor.vim color scheme 18 967 Light & Dark Vim color scheme inspired by Google's Material Design
primary.vim color scheme 25 1249 Inspired by Google's official colors
AtelierEstuary color scheme 0 165 Estuary is a yellow/greenish colorscheme
AtelierSavanna color scheme 1 155 Savanna is an understated greenish colorscheme with desaturated colors
AtelierCave color scheme 0 174 Cave is a “cool-warm” colorscheme
AtelierPlateau color scheme 0 162 Plateau is a warm colorscheme with desaturated colors
AtelierSulphurpool color scheme 4 152 Sulphurpool is a purplish colorscheme
Perfect Dark color scheme 47 1575 Dark & cold color scheme inspired by gedit
Falmouth color scheme 1 517 Falmouth is a pastel color scheme that is easy on the eyes.
yowish color scheme 8 634 A yellowish dark colorscheme
Darcula Color Scheme color scheme 7 480 Dark color scheme that is easy on the eyes
Spacegray.vim color scheme 30 961 An elegant dark colorscheme for Vim
atom-dark color scheme 7 720 Dark theme inspired by Atom's default dark theme
Sweater color scheme 61 632 Light color scheme for Vim.
vi-clone.vim color scheme 17 243 Elvis-like syntax highlighting.
cascadia.vim color scheme 9 523 Color scheme representing the beauty of the Cascadia Bioregion.
cobalt color scheme 13 940 A dark blue color theme that works in both GUI and 256 color terminals.
C64.vim color scheme 1 435 A scheme using the 16 Commodore 64 colors
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