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candyVirus.vim color scheme 15 547 An elegant dark 256 colors colorscheme for cterm
swamplight color scheme 8 332 light color scheme, GUI and 256
grishin-color-scheme color scheme 4 273 A koehler-similar scheme
marslo.vim color scheme 29 512 A dark-background color scheme made by Marslo
airlineish color scheme 10 365 Custom theme for vim-airline (works perfect with dark background / UI)
NERV-ous color scheme 25 729 Evangelion-inspired dark colorscheme
SlateDark color scheme 2 460 Dark vim color scheme inspired by Slate.
felipec color scheme 5 385 FelipeC's colorscheme
unkiwii color scheme color scheme 8 397 a dark high contrast theme
Sol color scheme 2 264 Simple colorscheme created for fun and day usage
AtelierDune color scheme -1 285 Part of a set of colorschemes that come with a light and dark background
mlp.vim color scheme 15 374 My Little Pony-Inspired Color Scheme
0x7A69_dark.vim color scheme -2 302 0x7A69
desertink.vim color scheme 0 433 Colorscheme based on desert
playroom color scheme 7 474 A light colorscheme based on the FlatUI palette
Visual Studio color scheme 40 1042 A color scheme that tries to imitate Visual Studio 2010.
bluecloud color scheme 14 633 A blue/gray theme with a colorful palette.
monokai color scheme 20 1998 Monokai colorscheme, originally ported to vim by Damien Gombault
plum.vim color scheme -1 378 Light and dark colorscheme
wabisabi color scheme -1 228 wabisabi.vim is a colorscheme of Gvim
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