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logsyntax.vim ftplugin 0 35 A simple (web) log file syntax highlighting Vim plugin.
liblognorm.vim syntax 1 25 Syntax definition for liblognorm rules files
oasisprj.vim syntax 0 29 syntax highlighting for _oasis files
erlang_spec.vim utility 0 40 Generate specifications for your Erlang functions
vim-radioss ftplugin 0 35 VIM filetype plugin for Radioss
greekde_utf-8.vim utility 0 32 Keymap for Unicode polytonic Greek, for the German QWERTZ keyboard
foldMarker.vim utility 0 65 Creat fold marker and adjust fold level with a new command ':FoldMarker'
MapToSideEffects utility 0 50 Create mappings to function side effects
avrm48.vim syntax 0 46 AVR Mega48 Syntax script
mpi.vim syntax 3 40 Syntax highlight, matching rules and mappings for the mpi
vison utility 0 46 Completion JSON files with JSON Schema
yats syntax 0 68 Yet Another TypeScript Syntax
primary.vim color scheme 8 318 Inspired by Google's official colors
gcov-marker utility 0 32 Show Gcov coverage within vim
XMLExpander utility 0 49 XML Pretty Printer
Treemap utility 6 308 Create Treemaps with VIM
AtelierEstuary color scheme 0 61 Estuary is a yellow/greenish colorscheme
AtelierSavanna color scheme 1 55 Savanna is an understated greenish colorscheme with desaturated colors
AtelierCave color scheme 0 54 Cave is a “cool-warm” colorscheme
AtelierPlateau color scheme 0 49 Plateau is a warm colorscheme with desaturated colors
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