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Script Type Rating Down
nordisk color scheme 12 163 A calm, fairly low contrast, dark color scheme
pace.vim utility 0 69 Measure the pace of typing (in Insert mode &c.)
MUcomplete utility 29 283 Chained (fallback) completion that works the way you want!
Subnet Search utility 0 61 Match all IP addresses withing a given IPv4 CIDR address block
glsl.vim ftplugin 0 43 Utilities for WebGL/GLSL/Three.js developers.
vim-jobs utility 0 46 Manage async jobs
vim-kramdown-tab utility 0 37 A vim plugin to resolve indent issue of content nested in Markdown lists, especi
TabList for terminal vim utility 1 99 Get list of tab pages and the windows in them in a quickfix like window.
Despacio color scheme 5 188 Vim Colorscheme
dutch_peasants color scheme 3 133 A dark scheme of earth colours
vim-markdown-toc utility 9 136 A plugin to generate table of contents for Markdown files.
syntax for verilog 2001 syntax 0 129 set vim for verilog
vim_comment_toggle ftplugin 0 90 Simple and lightweight comment toggle scripts
vim-tail utility 0 50 Makes vim behave like tail -f
lilycomment.vim utility 0 48 comment plugin for csharp
Buffy.vim utility 0 64 Switch between buffers with a handy menu
vim-seattle color scheme 7 286 An elegant yet efficient color scheme for coders
unicon color scheme 5 124 uniform contrast light and dark colorscheme
ALE - Asynchronous Lint Engine utility 8 81 Lint while you type in Vim
vim-zim utility 0 65 Zim desktop wiki syntax and helper functions
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