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ConsultADict.vim utility 0 31 ConsultADict is plugin that provides easy way to consult a dictionary
FilePathConvert utility 0 35 Convert filespec between absolute, relative, and URL formats.
ctrlp-py-matcher utility 12 35 Fast matcher for CtrlP plugin written in python.
pipe2eval utility 0 19 simple REPL inside vim
wipeout utility 0 120 Destroy all buffers that are not open in any tabs or windows.
patternjump utility 0 68 Move cursor as you like.
columnmove utility 0 53 Bring cursor vertically in similar ways as line-wise commands.
vim-autoflake ftplugin 0 21 vim-autoflake is a Vim plugin that applies autoflake to your current file.
Abridge utility 4 57 Vim code snippets creation made easy
magnum.vim utility 0 23 Pure Vim script big integer library
TWCommand utility 4 19 Tab / Window move & management commands for vim.
industry.vim color scheme 4 259 Standard industrial color scheme for Vim
LeaderF utility 18 40 A replacement of the famous ctrlp.vim yet written in Python.
gnuplot syntax highlighting syntax 5 91 syntax highlighting for gnuplot
vim-decfile syntax 0 45 A plugin for EvtGen decay files
Licenses utility 4 59 Provides commands to add licenses at the top of the buffer
ExtractLinks utility 1 53 Replace inline links with unique references and a link table.
searchmatch utility -1 42 Easy search highlight pinning in Vim with :match
wildfire.vim utility 3 62 Smart selection of the closest text object
fuckpep8 indent 13 49 Make life feasible in the presense of crazy space-hippies.
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