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Script Type Rating Down
GoDiff utility 12 125 Quick Inline Colored Diff
license-to-vim utility 8 49 Insert code licenses from Vim
RAPID-Syntax syntax 0 115 Syntax and indent file for Abb industial robots
color.vim utility 0 65 color parsing functions - lighten/darken color under cursor
Bullets.vim utility 4 43 Bullets.vim is a Vim plugin for automated bullet lists.
vim-header utility 1 55 Easily Adds Brief Author Info and License Headers
KRL-Syntax syntax 8 164 Syntax and indent file for Kuka industial robots
VimFlowy Outliner ftplugin 4 63 The simplest outliner for vim. One file install.
stata-syntax syntax 12 57 Enhanced and updated Stata syntax highlighting in Vim
thesaurus_query.vim utility 9 301 Multi-language Thesaurus Query and Replacement plugin
password bunny utility 0 61 Manage passwords with Vim
helplink.vim utility 1 54 Link to Vim help pages with ease.
startscreen.vim utility 1 54 Customize Vim's start screen.
proto.vim utility 0 53 https://github.com/mateusz-pietruch/proto.vim
vim-checksum utility 0 65 Plugin to cryptographically checksum files
vulkan1.0.vim syntax 16 531 Syntax file for the Vulkan
wordmotion.vim utility 12 84 Customizable word motions for Vim
vimhelplint ftplugin 1 55 A lint tool for vim help files.
braceless.vim ftplugin 4 174 Text objects, folding, and more for Python and other indented languages
Sierra color scheme 4 333 A colorscheme for Terminal Vim and GUI Vim.
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