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user name hermitte
first name Luc
last name Hermitte
email hermittefreefr
homepage http://code.google.com/p/lh-vim/
registered Vim
user or sponsor
no, or user has chosen to conceal his donation

Script Contributions

Mail_Sig.set Erase signatures at the end of your replies
Mail_mutt_alias.set Extract an e-mail address from the mutt aliases file.
Mail_Re.set Merge the all the "Re: Re:" in e-mail subjects in only one.
Triggers.vim Helps to toggle definitions (maps, sets, abbr)
Mail_cc.set Function that deletes one's e-mail address from the Cc: list
lh-brackets Bracketing system + Tools for programming mappings
let-modeline.vim Extends the modeline feature to the assignment of variables
vim-spell.tar.gz Another spell-checker plugin
words_tools.vim Alternatives to expand(
lh-vim-lib a library plugin for script writers
search-in-runtime Search files through the paths lists, and execute any command on them
lh-cpp C++ (and C) ftplugins
cygwin.vim Compiler plugin for cygwin-tools used from the win32 native version of Vim
local_vimrc.vim Load local vimrs's from $HOME to the current directory
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