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user name Habi
first name Christian
last name Habermann
email vimonline20habispamgourmetcom
homepage http://vim.habermann-net.de
registered Vim
user or sponsor
no, or user has chosen to conceal his donation

Script Contributions

transvim.vim translate a phrase by looking up in a dictionary
greputil.vim simplifies usage of 'grep'
Printer Dialog set print options via dialog
CRefVim a C-reference manual especially designed for Vim
RegExpRef short reference of regular expression metacharacters
CharTab ascii table with some nice features
VimVS6 Compile Visual Studio 6 projects and search in MSDN help files using VIM
habiLight A light color scheme with support of Vim 7 features
SnippetsMgr This script helps to work with code snippets.
StateExp Ease writing code by expanding statements.
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