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user name c9s
first name Yo-An
last name Lin
email corneliushowlgmailcom
homepage http://c9s.blogspot.com
registered Vim
user or sponsor
no, or user has chosen to conceal his donation

Script Contributions

Jifty syntax syntax file for jifty web framework
sdticket syntax support of sd (p2p bug tracking system)
template-init.vim provide more flexiable template
cpan.vim cpan module helper
libperl.vim provide standard vim functions for perl code
pod-helper.vim perl pod helpers
perlomni.vim perl omni completion (perl-completion.vim)
i can't delete this i can't delete this
growlnotify.vim growlnotify wrapper for vim script.
gsession.vim global session manager (improved)
filetype-completion.vim filetype completion
spidermonkey.vim spidermonkey syntax supports and snippets , reference query.
vimomni omni completion for VimL
std.vim standard util vim functions
apt-complete.vim provide debian package name completion
hypergit.vim an awesome git plugin for vim.
emoticon.vim emoticon omni completion
emoticon.vim emoticon omni completion
colorselector provide an emacs-like colorscheme selector buffer.
simplecommenter simple commenter
treemenu.vim customizable treemenu plugin
windows sif syntax Windows SIF file syntax
cascading.vim Cascading indenter
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