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user name tejr
first name Tom
last name Ryder
email tom+vimsanctumgeeknz
registered Vim
user or sponsor

Script Contributions

juvenile.vim Colorscheme with only grey comments and non-text
nextag.vim Move to next/previous XML/HTML tag
insert_suspend_hlsearch.vim Suspend search highlighting in insert mode
fixed_join.vim Join lines without jumping around
toggle_flags.vim Toggle flags in option values
copy_linebreak.vim Switch between readable and terminal-copy-friendly wrapping options
sahara.vim Tweaked desert256 colorscheme
strip_trailing_whitespace.vim Strip trailing whitespace exactly the way this author wants
big_file_options.vim Automatically set options to speed up working with big files
uncap_ex.vim Correct accidentally capitalised ex commands
auto_cache_dirs.vim Create and set cache file directories easily
put_blank_lines.vim Mapping targets to insert blank lines
markdown_autoformat.vim Automatic formatting heuristics for Markdown
redact_pass.vim Set options to edit pass(1) files securely
paste_open.vim Mapping targets for opening new lines in paste mode
diff_prune.vim Reverse changes in selected lines of a diff
clear_local_maps.vim Clear buffer-local leader mappings
make_target.vim Make target for Makefile recipe under cursor
cmdwin_ctrlc.vim Tweak CTRL-C command line window behavior to be a bit more useful
insert_cancel.vim Cancel an insert mode operation
perl_version_bump.vim Increment Perl version numbers
insert_timeout.vim Leave insert mode after a period of inactivity
digraph_search.vim Search for a digraph by name while inserting
cursorline_current.vim Show cursorline only in active window
colon_operator.vim Use colon commands with motions
replace_operator.vim Replace text from register with a motion
squeeze_repeat_blanks.vim Squeeze repeated blank lines into one
vertical_region.vim Move to lines bounding a vertical indent region
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