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user name tejr
first name Tom
last name Ryder
email tomsanctumgeeknz
registered Vim
user or sponsor
yes, total donation 10 euro

Script Contributions

juvenile.vim Colorscheme with only grey comments and non-text
nextag.vim Move to next/previous XML/HTML tag
insert_suspend_hlsearch.vim Suspend search highlighting in insert mode
fixed_join.vim Join lines without jumping around
toggle_option_flags.vim Toggle flags in option values
copy_linebreak.vim Switch between readable and terminal-copy-friendly wrapping options
auto_cache_dirs.vim Create and set cache file directories easily
sahara.vim Tweaked desert256 colorscheme
strip_trailing_whitespace.vim Strip trailing whitespace exactly the way this author wants
big_file_options.vim Automatically set options to speed up working with big files
uncap_ex.vim Correct accidentally capitalised ex commands
put_blank_lines.vim Mapping targets to insert blank lines
markdown_autoformat.vim Automatic formatting heuristics for Markdown
redact_pass.vim Set options to edit pass(1) files securely
paste_open.vim Mapping targets for opening new lines in paste mode
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