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MapleSyrup : indenting, autoalign, and matchit support for Maple V

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created by
Charles Campbell
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This package contains support for writing Maple V code:

* indent/maple.vim: indenting support for Maple V
* ftplugin/AutoAlign.vim: auto-align support for :=
   (needs Align.vim from vimscript#294; to learn more about AutoAlign, see vimscript#884)
* ftplugin/maple.vim: and matchit support (matchit.vim is available via vimscript#39).
* plugin/cecutil.vim:
* It contains tags for GetLatestVimScripts support which promote maintaining up-to-date copies (see vimscript#642).

The indenting support works with

if for while else elif od end fi

and indents the code appropriately as you type.  Indents are taken using the current setting of the vim's shiftwidth option (see :he shiftwidth).

AutoAlignment keeps your := lined up in blocks, thereby promoting legibility.

The Matchit expression supports  (see vimscript#39)

   if     elif    else  fi
   for    od
   while  od
   proc   RETURN  end

I usually prefer to have (at least) two windows open; the top one with vim editing Maple V code (file.mv) and the bottom one running Maple V itself.  I then work with Maple (using Windows) by changing the file as needed in Vim, putting the cursor at the end of the following statement, then pressing <cr>.

read `c:\\some\\path\\to\\Maple\\file.mv`;

That causes the worksheet to be updated according to the <file.mv> instructions.  Of course, I can always maximize Maple when I need to so as to see more at one time.

Why "maplesyrup"?  I just couldn't resist the name!  :)

(alpha/beta version available at http://www.drchip.org/astronaut/vim/index.html#MAPLESYRUP)
install details
1. Place maplesyrup.tar.gz in your .vim/  (Windows:  vimfiles\) directory
2. gunzip maplesyrup.tar.gz
3. tar -oxvf maplesyrup.tar
4. Be sure that your <.vimrc> has the following lines to enable plugin and indent scripts

"  Initialize: {{{1
set nocp
if version >= 600
  filetype plugin indent on

5. For AutoAlign'ing := statements, you'll also need to get Align.vim (vimscript#294).
6. For matchit (extended % key use), you'll need to get matchit.vim (vimscript#39).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
maplesyrup.tar.gz 2 2004-11-01 6.0 Charles Campbell An improvement to the maple indenting file is included
maplesyrup.tar.gz 1 2004-10-29 6.0 Charles Campbell Initial upload
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