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plugin/fonts.vim : Multi OS Font Plugin

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created by
Martin Krischik
script type
= Multi OS Font Plugin =

== Description ==

This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1337

This plug-in set's the font used depending on the operating system / windowing system used. It also contains a smaller and larger font to zoom in and out. It is very helpful if you use GVim with more then one OS, display resolutions etc. pp.

You can easily expand the plugin for more OS's or fonts.

Vim-Script: https://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1337
Source:       https://github.com/krischik/vim-fonts
Wiki:             https://github.com/krischik/vim-fonts/wiki
Releases:     https://github.com/krischik/vim-fonts/releases
Issues:       https://github.com/krischik/vim-fonts/issues
Discussions:  https://github.com/krischik/vim-fonts/discussions


install details
Install from https://github.com/krischik/vim-fonts using dein (https://github.com/Shougo/dein.vim) or similar:

call dein#begin('$HOME/vimfiles/bundles')
call dein#add('krischik/vim-fonts')
call dein#end()
call dein#install()


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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vim-plugin-fonts-v_1.5.zip 1.5 2022-09-18 7.0 Martin Krischik https://github.com/krischik/vim-plugin-fonts/releases/tag/v_1.5
fonts.vim 1.4 2006-11-18 7.0 Martin Krischik Now with Sun Solaris support. But mind you: All font settings for XServer platforms depend on the Client and Server used - you might hat to fine tune the script for your environment.
fonts.vim 1.3 2006-05-10 7.0 Martin Krischik Minor improvements
fonts.vim 1.2 2006-02-23 6.0 Martin Krischik This version will resize the window as well when changing fonts. Mapping and menus have been improved to support a function key as g:mapleader.
fonts.vim 1.1 2005-10-13 6.0 Martin Krischik This version has more features - like using smaller fonts for vimdiff or an alternative fontset for utf8 encoded files.
fonts.vim 1.0 2005-08-26 6.0 Martin Krischik Initial upload
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