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user name krischik
first name Martin
last name Krischik
email krischikuserssourceforgenet
registered Vim
user or sponsor
yes, total donation 30 euro

Script Contributions

plugin/fonts.vim Multi OS Font Plugin
Modelines Bundle Insert Modelines from current settings
syntax/ada.vim Syntax Plugin for Ada (inactive, replaced by vimscript#1609)
syntax/uil.vim Motif/UIL Syntax
plugin/backup.vim Numbered Backups.
colors/martin_krischik.vim My own color scheme for all OS I uses.
compiler/gnat.vim Compiler setup for GNAT (inactive, replaced by vimscript#1609)
ftplugin/ada.vim Filetype plugin for Ada (inactive, replaced by vimscript#1609)
autoload/adacomplete.vim Omni-Competion for Ada (inactive, replaced by vimscript#1609)
MOS 6502 Assembler Vim syntax highlighting for the ca65 assembler
Rainbow Parenthesis Bundle Coloured Parenthesis
ftdetect/ada.vim Filetype detection for Ada (inactive, replaced by vimscript#1609)
Ada Bundle Complete Ada-Mode (https://github.com/krischik/Ada-Bundle)
Tail Bundle Yet another tail -f plugin
WLS Mode Complete Bea-Weblogic-Mode as tar.bz2
SnipSnap Filetype and Syntax SnipSnap Wiki.
4NT Bundle btm (Batch to Memory - 4NT, TakeCommand Script) filetype bundle
FX-602P Bundle Preparation Release to create a script on vim.org
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