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Rainbow Parenthesis Bundle : Coloured Parenthesis

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created by
Martin Krischik
script type
This is a simple rainbow colour plug-in for those who want an simple light
weight rainbow colour syntax plug-in that supports `()`, `[]`, `{}`
and `<>`.

If you need something more powerful and configurable try
[Rainbow Parentheses Improved](https://github.com/luochen1990).

This is the original for http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1561

Based on the original rainbow_parenthesis from john gilmore but enhanced for
gui mode.

| Vim-Script  || https://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1561
| Source      || https://github.com/krischik/vim-rainbow
| Wiki        || https://github.com/krischik/vim-rainbow/wiki
| Releases    || https://github.com/krischik/vim-rainbow/releases
| Issues      || https://github.com/krischik/vim-rainbow/issues
| Discussions || https://github.com/krischik/vim-rainbow/discussions

install details
Install from https://github.com/krischik/vim-rainbow using dein (https://github.com/Shougo/dein.vim) or similar:

call dein#begin('$HOME/vimfiles/bundles')
call dein#add('krischik/vim-rainbow')
call dein#end()
call dein#install()

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
Rainbow-Parenthesis-Bundle-v_5.4.zip 5.4 2022-09-19 7.0 Martin Krischik See https://github.com/krischik/Rainbow-Parenthesis-Bundle/releases/tag/v_5.4
Rainbow-Parenthesis-Bundle-v_5.3.zip 5.3 2022-09-17 7.0 Martin Krischik See https://github.com/krischik/Rainbow-Parenthesis-Bundle/releases/tag/v_5.3
Rainbow-Parenthesis-Bundle-v_5.2.zip 5.2 2022-09-16 7.0 Martin Krischik See https://github.com/krischik/Rainbow-Parenthesis-Bundle/releases/tag/v_5.2
Rainbow-Parenthesis-Bundle-v_5.1.zip 5.1 2022-09-11 7.0 Martin Krischik See https://github.com/krischik/Rainbow-Parenthesis-Bundle/releases/tag/v_5.1
Rainbow-Parenthesis-Bundle-v_5.0.zip 5.0 2022-09-11 7.0 Martin Krischik See https://github.com/krischik/Rainbow-Parenthesis-Bundle/releases/tag/v_5.0
rainbow_parenthsis-4.0.vba 4.0 2007-10-09 7.0 Martin Krischik The new version now supports round, square brackets, curly and angle brackets.

Also, online help has been added. The online help also contains a section on how to add Rainbow Parenthesis to any syntax file.

With all the new features you might want to give it a good test.
Reports errors to http://code.google.com/p/vim-scripts/issues/list
Discuss improvements on: http://groups.google.com/group/vim_scripts
rainbow_parenthsis-3.0.vba 3.0 2007-09-17 7.0 Martin Krischik Now as a bundle. The new version will use autoload to conserve memory and start-up time.

New features: Uses functions for easy integration into existing syntax plug ins.
rainbow_parenthsis.vim 2.1 2006-11-18 7.0 Martin Krischik bug fixes
rainbow_parenthsis.vim 2.0 2006-05-25 7.0 Martin Krischik Initial upload
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