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Ada Bundle : Complete Ada-Mode as Vim-Ball or Tar.bz2

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created by
Martin Krischik
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Contains all files for the new Ada mode. It also has a vim help file which you can call with

:help ada.txt.

Included is:

- Syntax highlight
- Auto indenting
- Tag searching
- Classic code completion
- Omni code completion
- Online help

For some functionality you need a ctags programm. You can user either "gnat xref -v" or a patched [1] version  of the  exuberant Ctags [2].

Don't forget to actualy activate filetype and syntax support:

:filetype plugin indent on
:syntax enable

The Ada mode can be be further extened with the following Scripts:

- backup.vim, vimscript#1537
- rainbow_parenthsis.vim, vimscript#1561
- nerd_comments.vim, vimscript#1218
- matchit.vim, vimscript#39
- taglist.vim, vimscript#273

The GNU Ada project [3] offers ready patched binary rpm's including the Ada-Mode, all the scripts mentioned above and Ada aware exuberant Ctags for easy installation.

Reports errors to: http://code.google.com/p/vim-scripts/issues/list
Discuss improvements on: http://groups.google.com/group/vim_scripts

[1] vimscript#1535
[2] http://ctags.sourceforge.net
[3] http://gnuada.sourceforge.net
install details
Install from whithin vim with:

:source ada.vba

The Vim-Ball installation will install the following file:

- ada_options.vim
- autoload/decada.vim
- autoload/gnat.vim, former vimscript#1547
- autoload/ada.vim
- autoload/adacomplete.vim, former vimscript#1554
- compiler/gnat.vim, former vimscript#1547
- compiler/decada.vim,
- ftdetect/ada.vim, former vimscript#1565
- ftplugin/ada.vim, former vimscript#1548
- indent/ada.vim, former vimscript#137
- syntax/ada.vim, former vimscript#1353, vimscript#136
- doc/ada.txt

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script versions (upload new version)

Click on the package to download.

package script version date Vim version user release notes
ada-4.6.1.vba 4.6.1-vba 2008-07-08 7.0 Martin Krischik Bram did some nitpicking - this is the improved version for Vim 7.2.
ada-4.6.1.tar.bz2 4.6.1-tar 2008-07-08 7.0 Martin Krischik Bram did some nitpicking - this is the improved version for Vim 7.2.
ada-4.6.0.vba 4.6.0-vba 2008-07-08 7.0 Martin Krischik Mostly bug fixes. Also the version submitted for Vim 7.2.
ada-4.6.0.tar.bz2 4.6.0-tar 2008-07-08 7.0 Martin Krischik Mostly bug fixes. Also the version submitted for Vim 7.2.
ada-4.5.0.vba 4.5 2007-09-17 7.0 Martin Krischik Bug fixes in the areas of key mappings, indenting,
ada-4.4.0.vba 4.4.0 2007-07-20 7.0 Martin Krischik If you did not set g:ada_default_compiler and g:ada_default_compiler the scripts would fail miserable. Thank's to Taylor Venable for providing a patch to this problem.
ada-4.3.0.tar.bz2 4.3.0 2006-11-22 7.0 Martin Krischik The VimBall is broken again. I like the VimBall idea if it only worked better. Anyway have a tar file in the meantime.
ada-4.3.vba 4.3.0 2006-11-18 7.0 Martin Krischik Integrate Brams fixes. The Vim Ada Mode is not part of the standart runtime.
ada-4.2.vba 4.2.0 2006-11-08 7.0 Martin Krischik More bug Fixes.
ada.vba 4.1.0 2006-11-07 7.0 Martin Krischik This version contains the latest fixed after suggestions from Bram. It does not provide new functionality but fixes quite a few hidden bugs.

Ada users should also get yourself a new Ctags as the Ctags Ada Mode has been updated as well. We used a snapshot from the Ctags Subversion archive which means the lates Vim-Script fixes are included as well.

As allways binary releases are available from the GNU Ada Project: http://gnuada.sf.net.
ada.vba 3.9 2006-10-13 6.0 Martin Krischik Fixed Bugs reported by Roman Marchenko. Changes Licence to Vim for runtime integration.
ada.vba 3.8.1 2006-10-07 7.0 Martin Krischik Identical to the last release - only the 3.8 Vimball is dammaged. You should also use the newest Vimball release as older version have problems with the fold markers which Vimball now uses.
ada.vba 3.8 2006-10-06 7.0 Martin Krischik This version improves folding support for files which have been pretty printed by the GNAT pretty printer.

Note: This Vimball comes in Unix text format. It will not work if your Vim is not set up to correctly detect unix text files.
ada.vba 3.7 2006-09-10 7.0 Martin Krischik Fixes for the compiler plugin and the session manager.

Also available as tar ball from the GNU Ada Project:

ada.vba 3.5 2006-08-06 7.0 Martin Krischik Significant improvement for GNAT project manager files:

- Now a vim-session is attached to each project manager file - vim rembers now all files opened for the project.
- If you open only a *.gpr file it automaticly becomes the active project - you can hit <F7> right away.
- support for the gnat pretty printer added.

It's almost an IDE now ;-)
ada.vba 3.4 2006-08-04 7.0 Martin Krischik Maintanance Release: Bugfixes, Cleanup, remove dead code and add fold markers to all files. This release should be easier to maintain and extend now.
ada.vba 3.3 2006-07-25 6.0 Martin Krischik This version of the Ada mode improves key-mappings, user defined commands and pull down menus.
ada.vba 3.2 2006-07-21 7.0 Martin Krischik This release fixes quite a few bugs. Especially the GNAT compiler support and the help file where redone. This release also adds support for Dec Ada.
ada.vba 3.0 2006-07-16 7.0 Martin Krischik Initial upload
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